October 01, 2004

Bush the Puppet

Last night was the first time America had a chance to see
Bush and Kerry together.

I think it became clear why Bush was so afraid of debating
that he had to extract 32 pages of conditions to soften the blow.
But even all of that cushioning failed to soften the blow.

It became clear that Bush is the president in name only, and
that he is a puppet for a group of backroom handlers. Without
the notes he brings to all of his staged appearances, he (a) was
unable to show he knows the facts, and (b) was unable to make
a single argument why any of his policies should be followed.

It is an embarrassment that he is the 'president' of this great country,
an embarrassment which will no doubt be coming to an end shortly,
unless Bush's minions succeed in rigging the electronic vote machines
sufficiently, and expunging enough voters from the voting rolls.


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