January 01, 2005

Daily Vigil at Senatory Kerry's House, Dec. 28-Jan. 5

Coalition Against Election Fraud Holds Continuing
Vigil at Senator Kerrys Home

12:30 ­ 1:30 pm

December 28th through January 5th

(4:00-5:00 p.m. New Year's Eve only)

The Coalition Against Election Fraud (CAEF) will hold
a daily vigil from 12:30-1:30 p.m. at Senator John
Kerry's house at Louisburg Square on Beacon Hill in
Boston, Tuesday, December 28th - Wednesday, January
5th.  On New Year's Eve the vigil will be from
4:00-5:00 p.m.

At the end of each days vigil, the Coalition will
submit written requests from Massachusetts voters to
the Senator urging him not to certify the vote of the
Electoral College when Congress meets in joint session
on January 6th. We are also asking Senator Kerry to
encourage other Senators and Representatives not to
certify, and to support any other Senators and
Representatives who are planning not to certify.

If no Senator objects to the Electoral certification
on January 6th, it will be an admission of both the
Republican and Democratic parties that democracy is no
longer an option for most Americans.

CAEF is attempting to dispel the myth that any
criticism of the election process is the work of
'spoilers' or 'sore losers'. The millions of citizens
who have suffered disenfranchisement from voting do
not fit this description, nor does anyone who
recognizes that our election process is not secure and
very susceptible to tampering. We are fighting for a
fair and transparent election process, and that
affects everyone.

On December 13th, in an unprecedented action,
Massachusetts Electors unanimously adopted a
resolution calling on the Massachusetts Congressional
Delegation to demand a full investigation and
remedying of all voting irregularities. All the votes
must be counted,stated Elector Tom Barbera. Electors
in Vermont, Maine, California and North Carolina also
voiced concerns about the Presidential election when
they voted in the Electoral College.

Members of CAEF note that despite a massive grassroots
movement that is sprouting up across the country,
mainstream news media have yet to fully cover the 2004
Election Fraud story. We hope news media will play its
fundamental role in all investigation efforts.

For information contact: Sheila Parks, Coalition Against Election
Fraud, 617-524-2223, cell: 617-512-5529,
email: vigil@caef.us

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