December 14, 2004

Attention Recount Volunteers: Check Discussion Board

There is a dicussion board for recount project volunteers. Go to .

At the top, you will see a link that says Register. Click the Register link and fill out the first four boxes on the form. You can fill out Location too if you like. Registering and Logging In allows you to read all of the discussions.

After you register, log in and find your Regional discussion. If you want to post to it, find your region's group in Usergroups and make the request to join. The moderators of these groups are also the Regional Coordinators for the regions.

Many of the Coordinators have already posted training schedules and recount schedules.

The sole purpose of this discussion board is to help volunteers get organized and prepared for the recount. Please keep the discussions to that topic.

Thank you very much,
Karen Kilroy
Volunteer System Admin
Akron, Ohio
Ohio Recount Discussion Board

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