December 06, 2004

"Citizens for Voting Integrity" Forming in Westchester County, NY, to Support Full Recount in Ohio and Reform

Many citizens concerned with serious abuse of the voting process
reported in several states, notably Ohio and Florida, have joined with others
to form Citizens for Voting Integrity (CVI) to work toward three goals:

1. A full recount in Ohio;

2. A New York State law insuring full and fair elections;

3. Reforming HAVA (Help America Vote Act of 2002) so that no one
has to wonder if their vote was counted.

In 2003, the House and Senate introduced identical bills to amend the HAVA
bill to require a paper trail, but they have not been passed. We therefore
went into the November 2004 election with a deeply flawed and vulnerable
system that included paperless electronic voting that was neither secure nor
verifiable, opening the possibility of a stolen election.

Currently, the US General Accountability Office (GAO) is investigating more
than 57,000 voting irregularities. In one example, in Gahanna, Ohio, Bush
was credited with 3,893 more votes than he actually received in a precinct
where only 638 voters cast ballots (on a Danaher electronic voting machine).

The House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Conyers, has a hearing on
December 8 to investigate reports of fraud, voter intimidation, lack of
adequate machines, long lines lasting for hours, and discrepancies between
exit polls and results in areas with electronic voting machines-especially
in Ohio and Florida. Interested readers can learn more about these and
related issues at,, and other sites.

We believe that voting integrity is the lynchpin of Democracy and that
ensuring it must be non-partisan. No Democracy can long survive without
reliable election results.

Citzens for Voting Integrity invites anyone interested in helping with this
effort to contact Allegra Dengler at 914-693-8023, or Faith Evans at
914-478-5962 or

Allegra Dengler, Dobbs Ferry

Faith Evans, Hastings

Nicola Coddington, Irvington

Robert Reiser, Tarrytown


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