December 05, 2004

Crawford, Texas, Newspaper Applauds "Freedom-Fighters" in Ohio, calls Ohio "Ground Zero" in struggle for Democracy

The Lone Star Iconoclast, the newspaper in George W. Bush's home of Crawford, Texas, has come out in support of the "freedom-fighters" in Ohio.

An editorial authored by W. Leon Smith and Don M. Fisher deplored "those who choose to reject the spirit of democracy for myopic greedier pastures" and "would discard the creation of Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin as immaterial and no longer relevant in a world being redefined by a neo-conservative mold in which Americans act according to government policy, speak according to government propaganda, and think as the government dictates".

The Iconoclast wrote "During the month of December, Ohio has become ground zero, where rests the survival of democracy as we know it, for this will be the test of whether America will stand for an election riddled with irregularities."

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