December 03, 2004

Dec. 3rd Action Memo from Cheryl Guttman

Consider taking a few minutes to send a few email and/or calls to preserve democracy: THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE! Please FORWARD this to all who care about making every vote count! Thanks, Cheryl

In this post
(1) Update
(2)New Kerry Action from Inside Legal Source: to increase legal standing to defend and expedite recount he must ask for HIS OWN recount
(3)New Blackwell Action:There is new effort to Call/Write AGAIN even if your've done it before: its now or never!
(4)How you can volunteer for recount and share transportation and housing info
(5)The legal firm that is making this all happen is asking for your help.
(you can also find all these actions at )

Update: While Kerry is publically defending the Green recount, inside legal sources tell me he may not have enough legal standing to defend and expedite the recount unless he directly asks for a recount himself instead of just helping the Greens in their recount.
Meanwhile Blackwell has dragged his feet and won't certify until the 6th even though the counties have reported its vote totals on the 1st. After the certification,there are two big obstacles to a real thorough manual count.

First on the 7th, Blackwell is scheduled to send in the results of the certification and choose electors who would choose Bush for president to represent Ohio. What this means is that there would be a slate of Bush electors from Ohio and if enough legal votes are found for Kerry, there would either have to be a Congressional challenge and Congress would have to vote on whether to replace the Kerry electors with the Bush electors or the Bush electors would have to switch to Kerry, which is possible but rarely happens.

As a result, it would be best if Ohio did not recognize this "safe harbor" date which many states ignore and is not supposed to be recognized when an election is being challenged anyway (although that is a matter of interpretation).

Second, under Ohio law, the parties have 5 days to decide to join the recount, so the recount cannot start until then--unless all parties--including the Republicans--waive it! There is a legal hearing on Fri, the 3rd to try to stop these two things in order to facilitate the recount that but it might fail.

The inside legal source who has been giving me great info said clearly,"the only recourse is public pressure!" That's where you come in.

From the information I have gathered from inside legal sources, the key things to do are

(1) Call/Write Kerry Campaign and say,"Legal sources say in order to have enough legal standing to defend and expedite recount you must ask directly for a recount instead of just helping the Greens in their recount"

You can send Kerry a quick message here Note: While this page says something a little different the sample letter above is using information which is up to date and has been confirmed by legal insiders.

--If you wanted to do more you can contact: for the DNC; Kerry Campaign (not sure if still active) 202-712-3000, try ext.5377 ;Ohio Democrats 614-221-6563 (voice) 614-221-0721 (fax)

(a)Call and write Blackwell and say something like, "The recount should begin immediately in order to have enough time to have a full manual recount. Blackwell should waive the 5 day waiting period to notify candidates since all candidates already know about recount. Blackwell must not send in certification and choose electors on Tues since the recount would begin after that. Many states ignore this "safe harbor day" and it is not appropriate to recognize this deadline before the recount is finished. Also I urge him to recuse himself from the recount and appoint someone non-partisan instead."

SEND TO : Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell
Phone: (614) 466-2585 1-614- 466-2655

(b)Contact the press
(c) You can contact the Ohio Governor at phone: 1614 466-3555,

(4)If these measures don't work, expect the recount to start on the 11th and end the evening of the 12th. Both the Democrats and the Greens are asking for volunteers--they both need thousands!

If you have rides, housing or frequent flyer miles or absolutely need them to volunteer for this effort you can list your information and find each other at
(if this link doesn't work you can also contact )

To Volunteer for Greens

To Volunteer for Democrats

(5)To help the legal firm helping the Greens pay for the legal costs making this all possible go to

Keep checking this page for more urgent action alerts facilitating recounts and investigating vote fraud, as well as vote fraud demonstrations around the country

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