December 20, 2004

"Declaration of Intent" Project

Let's Get Busy

Our current effort: The Declaration of Intent Project

Ask Senate and House Members to Declare Their Intent
Regarding Presidential Electors on Jan 6th

We have come to the conclusion that we can no longer tolerate the intolerable. We all watched in horror (many for the first time) as the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 opened by recounting how our political "leaders" sat idly by on Jan. 6, 2001 as the Congressional Black Caucus tried nobly but futilely to object to the unlawful Florida electors.

But even Michael Moore seemed unaware of "the rest of the story."

On Jan. 7th two Democratic Senators were asked by Tim Russert why they didn't come to the defense of their House colleagues. Their answer (in unison): "Nobody asked us."

Well this time, we thought we'd ask. And that you should ask too -- LOUDLY.

For details of what to do -- NOW! Go to:

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