December 12, 2004

Franklin County Recount Starts Tuesday!!! Mandatory Training Sessions Today 4-6PM and 6-8PM !!!!


The Franklin County recount will take place Tues 12/14, beginning at 9:00 AM.
The Board of Elections plans to finish the recount that same day, even if that
means they have to stay until 8:00 PM. If they cannot finish it that day, it
will resume the next morning. Candidates Cobb and Badnarick are each entitled
to have two observers at any given time (one for each table at which counting
take place). If we choose to have 6 shifts during the day on Tues 12/14, we
would need a total of 24 Cobb/Badnarick observers in Franklin County.

500 Franklin County residents signed up to participate in the Ohio recount. Many
of you let us know that you are willing and able to travel to nearby counties to
observe there- this is VERY HELPFUL information to know.

We are holding several trainings today in Columbus this weekend for observers. Our
trainings will be for people who are observing both IN Franklin County and OUT
OF Franklin County. Most of you do not know yet where you will be placed, and
many of you have not yet let us know whether you are willing and able to travel
to another county. That’s ok- when you arrive we will determine if you can
observe outside Franklin, when you can observe (based on your schedule), and
then assign you to an appropriate shift.

We will then break up by county and train based on what kind of voting machine
technology that county uses. Please join us whether or not you can travel
outside Franklin. Notice that we added a second Sunday training, from 6-8 PM,
to accommodate more people.

TRAININGS (mandatory for observers- please attend ONE of the following if you haven't attended Saturday's session):

Sunday, Dec 12, 4-6 PM

First Unitarian Universalist Church, Fellowship Room

93 West Weisheimer Road

Sunday, Dec 12, 6-8 PM

First Unitarian Universalist Church, Fellowship Room

93 West Weisheimer Road

Check the official discussion board for regional announcements- Create a User
Account and join the Central Ohio/Franklin County Group:

Check for more general recount updates

Feel free to contact me also with any questions. Stay tuned for more
information, again thank you for your patience and understanding. I look
forward to working with you and seeing you this weekend.

With much appreciation and gratitude,

amy fay kaplan

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