December 17, 2004

Free Press: Help us document Ohio's stolen election: be a part of the book & movie!

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Just before November 2, Dr. Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman published
"12 ways the Ohio vote is being stolen" at 

Widely circulated throughout the internet, the piece proved prophetic.  But
what really happened in Ohio has been "locked down" by the major media.

If another stolen presidential election slips by undocumented, we can only
tremble for the future of American democracy.

Working here in Columbus, we've thoroughly documented the dark corners
of this tragic election.  We're now turning it all into the definitive book and
documentary film. 

With your help, we can have this book published in January.  It will be the
document of record of the wholesale disenfranchisement, manipulation and
fraud that define this election. 

By December 2005, we expect our documentary film to show the world how
it all happened. 

Our deep roots in the central Ohio journalist and activist communities give
us unique access to all aspects of this story.  Prize-winning writer and Air
America producer Steve Rosenfeld  has joined our team.  Free Press
videographer Suzanne Patzer is already coordinating the unique, powerful 
footage we've shot from election day on. 

Our non-stop coverage continues to unfold at 
We need your help to keep it up.   

And we invite you to be a part of this essential book and movie project
with a tax deductible donation to  A donation of $50 or
more gets you a free, signed first edition of the book upon publication. 
A donation of $100 or more gets you the signed first editions of both
the book and the dvd. 

American democracy is hanging by a thin thread in Ohio.  Please help
us make sure it doesn't snap.  Every cent you contribute will make a

Donate today:

For more information about the presidential election in Ohio, visit our
Election 2004 section:

Dr. Bob Fitrakis, JD, is a professor of political science at Columbus State
Community College who helped convene the first public hearings on this
election.  Harvey Wasserman is an historian who helped found the
grassroots anti-nuclear movement.  Steve Rosenfeld is a producer for
AirAmerica radio.  Widely published authors and journalists, their bios
appear at  ________________________
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