December 03, 2004

Green Party Requests Assistance for Recount

The Cobb-LaMarche Campaign
Working to Make Every Vote Count!

Please forward to those you think
might be interested. THANK YOU.
-- Lynne Serpe

Dear Friends,

The battle to recount the votes in Ohio reached several new
milestones this week, and the importance - and difficulty
- of what we all are doing grows w ith each passing day.
The closer we get to exposing the systemic problems with
our voting system and how these problems undermine trust in
election results , the more resistence we are encountering.
For the latest news, see

We remain confident of a positive outcome, however, because
Mahatma Gandhi reminded us that when a righteous movement
for social justice takes on entrenched power, "First they
ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they=20 fight you,
then you win."


Cobb Sues Blackwell in Federal Court Over Ohio Recount Green
Party Presidential Candidate Says GOP Secretary of State
is Stalling December 2nd =E2=80=94 Green Party presidential
candidate David Cobb today f iled counterclaims in the United
States District Court for the Southern District=20 of Ohio
against Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell,
asserting that

Blackwell is stalling the Ohio recount and abusing his authority.


What began as a recount in Ohio is now a recount in Ohio and
New Mexico and lawsuits in state and federal courts in Ohio to
make sure that the recount happens soon enough to be meaningful.
While your support helped us raise th e initial $250,000 needed
to get the process going, $88,000 more is needed immediately
so that we will have an additional $1000 on hand for each of
the 88 Ohio counties when the recount process starts as early
as next week.

Can we count on you today to help in this historic undertaking?
Please go t o and give as much as you
can (almost all of our donations are in the $20 to $100 range).
In addition, we are still looking for volunteers to help observe
the recount on our behalf: please complete our volunteer form

Our updated website gives more information about how your
money is being spent:

Thanks, as always, for your assistance, and please join us in
Ohio or New Mexico.


Lynne Serpe
Campaign Manager

P.S. The forces who would like to stop the recount have all
the resources they need to oppose us. All we have is you and
the thousands of small donors whose belief in democracy has
brought us this far. Please join us at!

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