December 21, 2004

Important Update from "Contest the Vote"

Thanks again for signing our petition at!

This week we have reached three significant milestones.

1. On November 17, 2004, we received our 10,000th signature on the online petition (more than 14,000 now) and have over 1,000 signatures on the hard copy petitions.

2. There has been much interest from across the country, so we decided to go national and extended the deadline for the petition due date to December 31, 2004. Each senator will now receive petitions with the signatures from his or her constituents. Additionally, we will forward all of the signed petitions to the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary to encourage them to hold formal hearings on the election irregularities.

3. Four members of Contest the Vote went to Los Angeles on 12/15/04 and asked Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to join with Representative John Conyers (D-MI) and others in contesting the official electoral vote count on 01/06/05. Though she has not yet firmly decided to join Representative Conyers, she gave us every indication that she is seriously considering this matter and is consulting with the representatives from Ohio.

Her State Director, Tom Bohegian, spent a considerable amount of time with us over dinner answering our questions and reviewing this serious matter. He indicated that he would be sharing points from our in-depth conversation with Senator Boxer. We indicated to him that the numbers of signatures were increasing daily and would soon top 10,000. We advised him to inspect our website,, for the latest information on this.

Our website has been updated to include a FAQ page and more links to other election related websites and organizations.

With your help we can hit 100,000 by the weekend! Please re-visit and forward our example email by clicking the "Tell Others" button. It's easy, and within a few minutes you can empty your address book and save Democracy!

Have fun spreading the word. Print out our bookmarks, take them to your local book stores or other fun place, and put a bookmark in any book or spot you see fit. Be creative. It's a great bit of activism that ties in with holiday shopping.

Continue to reach out to organizations, friends and affiliates. The response has been fantastic. Call in to a radio station. Send a letter to the editor. Don't forget to mention!



Maegan Prentice


Contest The Vote

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