December 19, 2004

Inspiring Letters from Bernie Ellis and Bessie Hyatt : And If you can be in Nashville TN today at 2 pm, be there at the state capital

Good Sunday morning. In case any of you are wavering in your decision to attend our second Gathering To Save Our Democracy rally at the Tennessee State Capital today at 2:00 pm, I thought you should read a report from one of the Ohio volunteers who drove from Green Bay, Wisconsin to western Ohio to participate in the recount. Her letter to me is a chilling documentation of at least two election laws violated with impunity by Ohio election officials. You will fear for our country as you read her letter.

But you may be emboldened by the second letter I received this evening from a North Carolina retiree, who had hoped to join us tomorrow but who may be kept away. When a gentle, elderly woman says that she will stop paying her taxes because she believes that the Bush administration holds power illegally, that should make all of us understand the gravity of what we face.

Please join us today as we fire our own rhetorical opening rounds in the second American Revolution, collectively and with conviction. I hope to see everyone of you there tomorrow, with everyone you know. Dress warm and wear orange. Bernie
A letter from Ohio

Dear Bernie,

I want to thank you for being the one to hook me up with the Greens for the recount....

Nevertheless, it is striking that the volunteers were indeed able to compile evidence of numerous incidents that would lead any rational person to conclude that the Ohio election was riddled with fraud. Let's just begin with the illegal withholding of the poll registries. Ohio state law specifically states that such refusal to permit examination of these documents constitutes prima facie evidence of electoral fraud. Every county board of elections director in Ohio was ordered to commit this illegal act. As far as I know, all complied with this order, thus willingly becoming perpetrators of a crime that counts every American citizen as its victim. It may come as no surprise that every director with whom I had dealings was a Republican.

I helped organize and facilitate the work of 12 Wisconsin volunteers who took time away from work and dug deep in their pockets to travel to Ohio to do the tedious work of turning over the rocks. It was an exhausting trip of some 1000 miles round trip for all of us, but we were happy to do it. We all love our country and want to awaken her from this long darkness that stretches out behind us for four years, and in front of us as far as the eye can see.

We began to arrive in Ohio on Wednesday morning and we dispersed to a number of counties in western Ohio. It is too early for me to share all of their experiences. I've barely gotten home myself, and family duties call along with holiday preparations. But I can share my experience with you.

The most startling conversation I had was with the county prosecutor, who was present "to represent the county" at the recount I attended. Also present was an attorney for the Republican Party - whether at the county or state level was not clear - and a representative from the office of Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell. In a sidebar discussion outside the counting room about a technicality concerning Nader's presence on the ballot, despite his removal on legal grounds, I was told by the prosecutor that the company supplying the tabulating equipment and software was Triad Systems. Much has been written about their Republican connections and suspect activities in regard to the Ohio election, so I won't go into the details here. Here's the real shocker: Triad Systems had a technician in this particular county office the morning of the recount, before it started. He had disassembled the tabulator, and replaced "a switch" that had supposedly malfunctioned. He was lurking in the hallway outside the counting room during the entire recount. One of our volunteers engaged him in a conversation and obtained his name and other information which has been conveyed to the Green Party organizers for further action. The prosecutor, in conveying this information, repeated over and over again that the vendor was Triad. He is a Democrat, and I would say more interested in democracy than some of the other attendees.

I phoned this information up to the next level and we are in the process of documenting all that occurred. When I was speaking with our coordinator, I was told that a Triad technician was also busy in Greene County, which has been the scene of several recount melodramas that have been publicized. In this case, it turns out the technician was actually the president of Triad Systems.

Need I tell you that our observers were denied the right to inspect the voter registry from any precinct in the county, including the one used for the 3% sample? I think this may be a good thing, since this violation of law basically means that no valid recount took place.

I can't help but think that these types of scenarios were playing out all over Ohio this week, and that the discovery process in which we were engaged has surely produced enough evidence to establish probable cause in legal terms. I would be very surprised if there were not multiple suits filed at the county level in the coming weeks.

I hope that my theory is correct - that it does no good to simply elect a new president if the rest of the corrupt Hydra is left in place. This monstrosity has to be taken apart, down to the last remnant, and swept out of office, out of the process, and utterly discredited in the eyes of at least the vast majority of Americans. The only way to do this is to methodically expose the breadth and depth of the corruption of our electoral processes in a comprehensive manner. It's like an enormous jigsaw puzzle, and we need all the pieces to show the picture to the populace at large.

Our job is threefold:

-We must continue to dig, dig, dig for every particle of information, every piece of this vast puzzle.

-We must continue to tell every person we meet that our will as a people has been thwarted, that every vote cast was stolen by this fraud, regardless of party or candidate.

-And we must never give up pressuring the media to cover this travesty.

I don't know if John Kerry is as uninvolved in this tedious process as he appears to be. I sincerely hope that the Green Party will meet with Kerry and lay out the evidence we have uncovered of massive election fraud in Ohio. I hope he will fight - not for himself, but for all of us. But if he chooses not to fight, we will all carry on - and this time we'll know that the Democratic Party is not an option for us. I wonder if they really understand what has been unleashed. I wonder if either of our "two" major parties understand that if this fraudulent election is not examined, criminals prosecuted, and results reassessed, that they will have firmly and finally planted the seeds of their own destruction as viable political entities. It will be interesting, and no doubt painful, to witness the events to come as they unfold before us.

It was a great experience. I met some absolutely wonderful people, and I left Ohio feeling that we had taken our place in a small way at the turning point in our nation's history. Which way it will turn is still in question, but I know we all have a part to play. I'm going off politics, other than writing up reports, until after the holidays. By then, I am hoping that my way forward will be more clear. Thanks again for helping me find my part in this effort for now. And good luck tomorrow in Nashville. I'll be there in spirit.
Love, "Diana"
A letter from North Carolina

Dear Mr. Ellis,

I do not know if I will be able to get there and if I cannot, I would be honored if you would speak for me because there is something I want very much to say...

The evidence of Electoral Fraud throughout the Nation on November 2, 2004 is overwhelming and irrefutable.

I like to believe I am well informed. I knew the Fox News Network was ideological. I knew about Sinclair.

But not until the media blackout of one of the biggest stories in history; proof of massive election fraud in what was once the greatest Democracy in the world, did I fully appreciate the catastrophe that has occurred. It would be impossible to overstate the gravity of the situation.

Tens of millions of our Countrymen have no idea what has happened. We have to find a way to tell them and the ability to do so is available to us.

One of the most simple and direct methods of communicating with others is for EVERY ONE OF US to put a sign in the rear window of our car declaring ELECTION FRAUD IN U.S. or even just VERIFY THE VOTE, with at least one website reference.

These signs need to start popping up like Flowers of Freedom for all to see. We can carry lists of websites in our cars and hand them out to anyone who inquires. We must talk to our neighbors and refer them to sources of information.

I believe all who love America, Democracy and Freedom are working diligently to save the Republic.

There isn't much time before this fraudulent election must be challenged. I believe the evidence is being amassed as quickly and thoroughly as possible to establish the basis upon which the Ohio Electoral Votes and the Election itself will be Contested in the Congress on or before January 6th, 2005.

However, if this fraudulent election is not contested, if all our leaders fail us, then it will be in our hands, and ours alone, to do what must be done.

Acting in concert and by legal means, We The People can Contest this election on our own behalf. We The People, can do this for ourselves both peacefully and legally.

On April 14, 2005, if this unelected government remains in place, I will not pay my taxes. One of the most basic principles of the United States of America is "no taxation without representation" and I will be eager to engage the Internal Revenue Service in the courts to prove the American People are not represented by this government and present the extensive evidence of Election Fraud to prove it.

If every American who knows what actually happened on November 2, 2004 joins me, there will be millions of people who will refuse to be taxed without representation. Once this process is initiated the continued suppression of information of Election Fraud in the United States will be impossible.

We The People should settle for nothing less then a nationwide revote for President with paper ballots and scrupulously observed auditing.

Never forget the words of Abraham Lincoln...a "Government Of The People, By The People and For The People Shall Not Perish From The Earth".

United We Stand.

Thank you very much,
"Bessie Hyatt"

Asheville, N. C.


I can't think of anything you have to do on Sunday at 2:00 pm that is more important than to honor the courage and spirit of these two women. See you there. Bernie

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