December 08, 2004

Jesse Jackson Attacks Blackwell in Guardian Article

Reverend Jesse Jackson wrote a scathing attack on the "foul and ugly conflict of interest" of Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, calling his conduct of the 2004 Ohio Election an "outrage" and likening it to the abuses which occurred in the Ukraine. Jackson said the Ohio vote count "smelled like a rotten fish".

Rev. Jackson called for immediate action: "There should be a federal investigation of the count in Ohio and a recount should be done where possible, supervised by neutral officials."
Rev. Jackson continued:"In Cleveland, as in Kiev, citizens have the right to know that the election is run fairly and every vote counted. Citizens have the right to election officials who try to facilitate voting, not impede it. Citizens have the right to voting machines that keep a paper record and allow for an independent audit and recount.",,1368713,00.html

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