December 13, 2004

Memo from VotersUnite: Get Congress Involved!!!!

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Last Wednesday, the Honorable John Conyers held a hearing on the allegations of fraud in the Ohio election. Today, he is holding another one in Ohio. No Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee were present at the hearing on Wednesday.

Take action:

1. Call 2 (or more) Republican committee members and urge them to participate in the investigation Congressman Conyers and others are holding. There is a list at the end of this email.

2. Call 2 (or more) Democratic committee members who were not involved and urge them to participate — to add legitimacy to the protest against the fraud that is being exposed in Ohio. See the list at the end of this email.

3. Email or call the New York Times and ask why they did not cover the hearing last Wednesday. The event was historic and deserved serious media attention.

4. Every day, from this day on, call 3 (or more) members of Congress.

Verify that the legislator understands: 1) The counts are not yet final and we have no way of knowing, in many parts of the country, what the actual vote count was; 2) Between vote suppression, voter intimidation, registration fraud, and software flaws, neither the results nor the counting process is legitimate; 3) The Conyers hearings make it obvious that, because election irregularities were so widespread, there is no way of telling whether the election outcomes are an accurate reflection of the people's will.

As your representative: What is the solution when the election is clearly illegitimate? What can Congress do and what can we, in our thousands of community organizations do, to prevent this fast approaching miscarriage of justice?

5. Each time you call, record it at [Note, if you haven't already registered, click the JOIN US link first, and sign in. Then report your calls.]

To reach any member of Congress, call the Capitol switchboard at 1-800-839-5276 and ask for the member by name.

~ The VotersUnite.Org team


House Judiciary Members are listed below, Democrats first, in order by state, then Republicans, in order by state. An * indicates those who have participated in the hearings and/or the letters to the GAO and Blackwell. Call and thank them. Call the others and urge them to participate. It is their responsibility.

Remember 1-800-839-5276 reaches the Capitol switchboard.

Hon. Howard Berman (D) California, 28th
Hon. Zoe Lofgren (D) California, 16th
Hon. Linda Sánchez (D) California, 39th
Hon. Adam Schiff (D) California, 29th
Hon. Maxine Waters (D) California, 35th
* Hon. Robert Wexler (D) Florida, 19th
Hon. William Delahunt (D) Massachusetts, 10th
Hon. Martin Meehan (D) Massachusetts, 5th
** Hon. John Conyers (D) Michigan 14th [Ranking Member]
* Hon. Jerrold Nadler (D) New York, 8th
Hon. Anthony Weiner (D) New York, 9th
* Hon. Melvin Watt (D) North Carolina, 12th
Hon. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Texas, 18th
Hon. Rick Boucher (D) Virginia, 9th
Hon. Robert Scott (D) Virginia, 3rd
* Hon. Tammy Baldwin (D) Wisconsin, 2nd
Hon. Spencer Bachus (R) Alabama, 6th
Hon. Jeff Flake (R) Arizona, 6th
Hon. Elton Gallegly (R) California, 24th
Hon. Tom Feeney (R) Florida, 24th
Hon. Ric Keller (R) Florida, 8th
Hon. Henry Hyde (R) Illinois, 6th
Hon. Mike Pence (R) Indiana, 6th
Hon. John Hostettler (R) Indiana, 8th
Hon. Steve King (R) Iowa, 5th
Hon. Howard Coble (R) North Carolina, 6th
Hon. Steve Chabot (R) Ohio, 1st
Hon. Melissa Hart (R) Pennsylvania, 4th
Hon. William Jenkins (R) Tennessee, 1st
Hon. Marsha Blackburn (R) Tennessee, 7th
Hon. Lamar Smith (R) Texas, 21st
Hon. John Carter (R) Texas, 31st
Hon. Chris Cannon (R) Utah, 3rd
Hon. J. Randy Forbes (R) Virginia, 4th
Hon. Bob Goodlatte (R) Virginia, 6th
Hon. Mark Green (R) Wisconsin, 8th
Hon. James Semsenbrenner (R) Wisconsin 5th [Chairman]

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