December 01, 2004

MoveOn Joins the Recount!!!

Dear MoveOn member,

As you may have heard, Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb, along
with Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik, is requesting a recount of the
Ohio presidential election. The candidates aim to expose irregularities in
the election process and ensure that every vote is accurately counted. "The
integrity of the democratic process is at stake," the two candidates said in
a joint statement.

The recount will proceed separately in each of Ohio's 88 counties, and in
order to ensure the counting is fair, the Cobb campaign plans to have
volunteers supervise the counting. That will require several volunteers in
each county all day for a number of days, and the campaign has asked MoveOn
PAC for help.

Can you offer a couple hours, a full day, or even several days to help
protect democracy in Ohio and make sure the final count is fair and
accurate? If so, click here to get involved:

The recount process will be determined by the Secretary of State as well as
county officials. They have yet to announce when it will start, what the
process will be, whether it will run only during business hours or over the
weekend, etc.

So, the campaign is signing up a volunteer corps now to be prepared to leap
into action the moment the recount details are revealed. They will provide
training to volunteers, but it's not that difficult: you'll just watch as
officials count the ballots to make sure nothing looks fishy. In some
counties officials will hold punch cards up to the light, just like in
Florida in 2000, and in others it will be supervising as fill-in-the-bubbles
ballots are fed through the computer.

If you can help organize other volunteers, for example, by making sure a
whole day's worth of shifts are filled in one county, you can also indicate
that when you sign up.

We'll pass your name and contact information to the Cobb campaign if you
sign up, so they can give you more information on what to do next.
Technically, you will act as an official representative of the Cobb-LaMarche
Green Party campaign when you observe the counting.

You may not know your schedule exactly since we don't know when the counting
will begin (though likely it will start the week of December 13), but if you
think you may be able to help, sign up now:

Thank you very much.


--Adam Ruben

MoveOn PAC

November 30, 2004


Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

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