December 01, 2004

Press Release: Voting Irregularity Meeting - Today, Dec. 1st, 6 p.m., Cincinnati OH

Press Release

Contact Persons:
Juliet Stewart-513-531-9017
Larry Higdon-513-721-0664

Bill Woods -513-381-4994

The Ohio Vote 2004 Committee Meeting



Wednesday, December 1

6:00-9:00 PM

Mt. Auburn Baptist Church

2147 Auburn Ave. (Near Christ Hospital)

Cincinnati. Ohio 45219

We will follow up on more testimonials and updates on what is happening here and surrounding counties. Also discussion on the rally scheduled for Columbus on Dec 4th.

We will be discussing any other Voting issues that need to be addressed. For those who have missed the previous meetings hope you can attend this one. Also Discussion from the Monday, November 29th, Rally with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Cincinnati, OH

Juliet Stewart-Chair Ohio Vote 2004 Committee

Larry Higdon-Vice Chair of Common Cause of Ohio

Cliff Arnebeck-Attorney for Common Cause of Ohio

Bill Woods-Common Cause Education Fund

Sponsored by:

*Ohio Vote 2004 Committee

Common Cause/Ohio

Independent African American Voter group

*Ohio Vote 2004 Committee is a non-partisan grassroots network for fair and accurate elections.

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