December 07, 2004

Report from Delaware County

Hi All,
I just returned from a VERY windy day in Delaware and having a small but very productive protest rally. With the 50 mile an hours winds, and the weather doing everything from pelting rain to sunshine and a double rainbow at the end, a great connection was made with the students of Ohio Wesleyan University. I recorded some more vote irregularities stories, embraced and won the hearts of the three different police in cruisers that were sent to chase us away. Connected with a wealthy looking elderly gentleman that had been called in all the way from Cleveland, who is on the University's Board..... and he was sent to confront and get rid of me, but instead, agreed that the message I came to deliver on the 2004 election was real, was valid, and even though I'd bet he voted for Bush.... gave me permission to be on the campus and share my message with the community.
Columbus channel 4, NBC news interviewed me, a wonderful woman photographer. I was able to give pretty much the full story, and got it all recorded. She said she was at Blackwell's office yesterday. I don't know how much they will play, hopefully the part where the world could learn that John Myers is concerned with Delaware being able to afford electricity for 3 wall outlets, for 7 days to run his machines. I told her about the affidavits collected and the hope of many working on this, that this time, some folks will be going to jail, and that Kerry will be the next president, with Bush out of the Whitehouse.
Many of the students are collecting pennies to help the board of elections pay for the recount, and plan to pass the word on so they come in from a world wide audience that wants to help.
Paddy Shaffer

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