December 13, 2004

Report from Sacramento

Yesterday, 500 patriotic Californians assembled on the steps of the California Capitol for three hours of intensely urgent sharing of news, information, and strategy concerning the fraudulent 2004 election, the threatened demise of free elections in America, and what we must do to reclaim democracy.

Against the illegitimate seizure of power and the corruption of social institutions, great hope and determination rising up from the people.

Here are photos of the 51Capital March rally at the Sacramento CA state capital Sunday 12/12, (thanks to Greg Dinger,

Two organizers (Phyllis and Dan) concur in our crowd estimate from the top of the steps: There were 500 people here today-- some from as far away as San Diego.

The KNBC TV news did an on-camera interview with CA Coordinator, Phyllis Meshulam.

Our speaker's list led off with Gail Jonas, Election Protection attorney, relaying late-breaking news from Greene County Ohio, where two California activists Gail recruited to help recount Ohio were illegally barred from inspecting election returns on Kenneth Blackwell's orders.

We were very fortunate to have two expert researcher--activists speaking on the broken electoral system in America:

Jody Holder, who has been testifying for the past two years before numerous state boards and courts concerning blackbox voting machines, and

Jim March, an investigator and board member of

Other speakers included:

Communications coordinator Dan Ashby on exit polls, the "red shift," and the tell-tale evidence of vote-fixing and media-coverup;

SacramentoDemocracy organizer Kevin Greene, setting the stage for Monday's demonstration as the Electoral College convenes;

and in an special appearance, one of the California 55 Democratic Electors, who gave us insight into debate stirring among the electors and the Democratic Party,

preparing us to expect a dramatic statement on Monday.

Dan Ashby
SF Bay Area Field Organizer


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