December 03, 2004

Report on Bay Area Activities, and Videotape

From: "Fair And Accountable Elections"

Date: December 3, 2004 3:26:09 PM PST

Subject: Monday Dec 6th - Emergency Rally to Defend the Recounts! Demand Election Reform!

This fair elections movement is growing very rapidly as more and more people

are becoming aware of the crisis our democracy is in. There will be another

rally in Sacramento on the 13th, when the electoral college meets to vote.

More details on that soon!

Thanks to Bill Carpenter we have some excellent video of

the two events on Monday the 29th! The first is at KGO in San Francisco,

where a press conference and rally was held. The second was at the office of

Barbara Boxer where a contingent met with Boxers field representative,

Jennifer Tang. We are still waiting for an official response from Barbara

Boxer on these issues.

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