December 20, 2004

Request for Funds and Lawyer Volunteers in Ohio

Dear Concerned Citizen:

We are writing to you directly to explain the work that we have undertaken and ask you to help us in whatever way you can to ensure that the Ohio vote is accurately counted.

On Monday, 12/13, we filed a lawsuit against Bush, Cheney, Rove and others on behalf of 44 Ohioans alleging that Bush won the Ohio election as a result of fraud and that Kerry actually won the Ohio vote by 142,537 votes. Specifically, the complaint alleges that votes were fraudulently manipulated to affect the outcome of the election. Our law suit provides us with the means to gather evidence relating to the fraud that we have alleged. Only by establishing the fraud, will we be able to ensure an accurate count of of only those ballots legitimately cast.

As you are aware, also on Monday, 12/13, the Ohio recount requested by the Green Party, began and is expected to be completed as early as 12/22. Though we believe the recount should be done, we believe it cannot expose the fraud that we have alleged and therefore will not expose the actions taken by the Defendants which affected the outcome of the election. Whereas, the recount can only count the ballots that the Boards of Elections has in hand, the law suit can expose the fraud that resulted in extra and destroyed ballots and machine manipulation. Thus, this lawsuit can uncover what the recount cannot, and therefore is critical to exposing the whole picture of fraud in Ohio.

We sincerely believe, based upon the objective facts, that our lawsuit will demonstrate by January 6, 2005, the day on which Congress counts the electoral votes, a level of fraud which resulted in wrongly securing the election for Bush. We believe that even if we are delayed beyond January 6th, the ultimate result of this suit will be to uncover a level of fraud which cannot be ignored and will ultimately result in proving that Kerry won the election in Ohio and therefore the presidency.

To read the complaint go to

To watch a C-SPAN interview with Cliff Arnebeck cut and paste this link into your internet browser:


We have estimated that the suit will cost at least $200,000 to pursue. This includes filing fees already spent, deposition costs and attorneys' fees, expert witness fees and expenses. If you are interested in ensuring that the opportunities presented by this lawsuit are fully explored, please make a donation to 'Ohio Election Litigation Fund' and mail it to Cliff Arnebeck, Esq.,1351 King Avenue, 1st Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43212, along with your email address. Any money donated to the fund will be held in trust and be used only for the purposes of this law suit. We will provide each and every donor with regular email updates regarding the progress of the lawsuit. There is no contribution too small and we thank you for your participation in this effort.

In addition, we are asking for lawyers to join our team. We need 10 litigators and 20-30 additional attorneys to assist in discovery efforts in Ohio. If you are an attorney and are interested in working on this case, please contact Gail Jonas who has agreed to coordinate this effort. Gail can be emailed at or call her at 707 433 6845 or 707 431 8451.

We thank you for your support.


Cliff Arnebeck

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