December 11, 2004

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March. 12:00 Noon. Springfield, Illinois.

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March, Springfield,


State Coordinator: Laura Cleveland (Riverside)
Capital City: Springfield

Where:State Capital Building by Statue of Abraham Lincoln

March Begins: NOON

Co-Coordinator: Andrew Chusid
President of Progressive Democrats of Illinois

Featured Speakers:
Confirmed speakers in Springfield include Dr. Lora Chamberlain, D.O., a founding member of Progressive Democrats of Illinois and witness to voter suppression, hearings, and lawsuits over election tampering in Ohio and Dr. Laurence Quick, Ph.D., CPA. Dr. Quick, a business professor at Lake Forest College, was the Democratic Congressional Candidate for Illinois’ 14th District in 2002 and currently serves as Chair of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project, Director of the Quick ‘N Clean Foundation, and is a Co-founder of the National Ballot Integrity Project. Local and Federal elected officials as well as Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow/PUSH Coalition have also been invited to speak. “People of conscience demand an open, free and fair election. Over a month has passed since the election, and People throughout Ohio and the nation continue to identify and expose patterns of voter disenfranchisement,” stated Rev. Jackson. “The election is not over. Let the winner win, and the loser lose, but make sure all votes are counted in a free and fair election.”

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Progressive Democrats -
Progressive Democrats of Illinios have taken much initiative already:

We have secured permits to rally outside the capital building on Sunday

at 12pm. We have podium, table for petitions, microphone & amplifer,

speakers, and are working to secure keynote speakers. We will be

distributing materials to make signs at our meeting Thursday Dec 9 at

7pm at the IHOP in Wheaton, IL. The meeting is open to the public and

we welcome newcomers. We will also be arranging carpools to Springfield

at the meeting. Please contact

for more info.
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