December 11, 2004

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March. 12:00 Noon. Raleigh, North Carolina.

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March, Raleigh,

North Carolina.

State Coordinator: Chris Lizak
Capital City: Raleigh
March Begins: NOON

Featured Speakers:

Joyce McCloy, NC Verified Voting -

David Allen, Black Box Voting

Cecil Bothwell, The Progressive Project -

Chuck Herrin ( Republican Computer Security Expert ) -

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Rallies are being organized in state capitols across the country on Dec. 12, the day before electors meet to cast their votes in the presidential race. In some states, the rallies are challenging vote totals. In N.C. we will speak out for a voter verifiable, auditable paper trail in all elections.

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