December 11, 2004

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March. 12:00 Noon. Nashville, Tennessee.

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March, Nashville,


Capital City: Nashville

March Begins: NOON

State Coordinator: Bernie Ellis

Where: Tennessee State Capital
(east side, near the War Memorial statue)
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Join with other Tennesseans to voice your sentiments about the recent stolen election and discuss steps we can implement to take our state and our country back -- right here, right now. Come prepared to share with others your ideas and your plans to protect our state and our country from those who would violate our most sacred democractic institution -- the right to free and fair elections, without voter intimidation, vote suppression and election larceny.

Anyone and everyone who attends will be allowed to share their thoughts and recommendations for action with the group. Wear orange, bring banners and signs, but most important, bring your neighbors, family and friends. We welcome all political persuasions, just as long as you support free and fair elections in this country. See you at noon at the Tennessee State Capital (east side).

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