December 11, 2004

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March. 12:00 Noon. Olympia, Washington.

Sunday, December 12th. 51 Capital March. Olympia, Washington.

12:00 NOON - 2:00 P.M.

State Coordinator: Jean Laskey (Port Townsend)


Capital City: Olympia

Capital Dome (northside) steps

SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS SO FAR: Veterans for Kerry, Concerned Voters of Jefferson County, Democrats for America, VotersUnite, Whatcom Fair Voting, MoveOn
Port Townsend Peace Movement.

Gather with us at the Olympia capitol Dome on Sunday. Join our collective voice saying "We deserve Fair and Free Elections!" We have a Permit for our non-partisan event which is open to anyone to participate in, whether individual concerned citizens or group. Come one, come all. Bring signs, banners, kazoos and drums. We will have a megaphone available so join in with a speech. A table will be available for any petitions and information about what we can do next. People have responded and are coming from all over Washington. Everyone who desires election reform and the accurate counting of ALL votes is welcome!

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