December 11, 2004

Sunday, December 12th. March for a Fair Vote. 12:00 Noon. Madison, Wisconsin.

Sunday, December 12th. March for a Fair Vote. Madison, Wisconsin.
12:00 NOON - 1:30 pm

Wisconsin State Capitol, State St. side
12:30 pm, hands around the capitol and unfurling of uncounted ballots. Please join us! Now is the time to make our demands for fair and accountable elections heard.

With Monday December 13th as the day that the electoral college will cast their votes, Wisconsin is organizing a number of events this weekend to demand fair and accountable elections, now and in the future. The failures with respect to achieving democratic and transparent elections were many in 2004, as they were in 2000. From inaccurate and fraud-susceptible electronic voting on partisan and paperless machines, to partisan election officials who purposely delay certifying the vote to minimize possibilities for an effective recount, to innumerable instances of voter suppression, to inadequate numbers of voting machines and long lines in poorer districts—we are clearly a long way off from the goal of making every vote count! Please circulate this notice broadly, and come out in force to support these events. There seems to be no better time than now to demand fair and safe elections. After 2000, many of us waited for things to be fixed. Now we know it will not happen without our pressure. Please also wear orange clothes and/or orange armbands in solidarity with Ukrainian demands for fair and democratic elections.

See Voters bill of rights at for sign ideas, wear orange! To volunteer to prepare uncounted ballots to unfurl around the capitol, or to contact the media for this event, please email All volunteers will be sent instructions on what they can do at home to prepare the event.

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