December 22, 2004

Talk to, or write to, your Senator

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Just One Senator!
Just One Senator!

On January 6 2001, 14 Representatives led by the Congressional Black Caucus
filed written motions (prepared by challenging Florida's Bush
Electors, a scene made famous at the beginning of Fahrenheit 9-11. But no
Senators were willing to join them, so there was no debate.

Activists must begin lobbying their Senators now to support a challenge to
Bush's Ohio Electors on January 6.

Below is a list of likely Senators, including the groups who are lobbying
them and any statements they have made. Democratic Underground, the
Coalition Against Election Fraud, No Stolen Elections/United Progressives
for Democracy, and thedeanpeople are also organizing a state-by-state
lobbying effort.

AZ: John McCain (R)

AR: Blanche Lincoln (D)

AR: Mark Pryor (D)

CA: Barbara Boxer (D) - Contest The Vote

CO: Ken Salazar (D)

CT: Chris Dodd (D)

CT: Joe Lieberman (D)

DE: Joe Biden (D)

DE: Tom Carper (D)

FL: Bill Nelson (D)

HI: Dan Akaka (D)

HI: Daniel Inouye (D)

IA: Charles Grassley (R)

IA: Tom Harkin (D)

IL: Richard Durbin (D)

IL: Barack Obama (D)

IN: Evan Bayh (D)

IN: Richard Lugar (R)

LA: Mary Landrieu (D)

MA: Ted Kennedy (D)

MA: John Kerry (D)

MD: Barbara Mikulski (D)

MD: Paul Sarbanes (D)

ME: Susan Collins (R)

ME: Olympia Snowe (R)

MI: Carl Levin (D)

MI: Debbie Stabenow (D)

MN: Mark Dayton (D)

(Says "Bush won conclusively." Promised a letter to about
challenging Ohio's electors. While at Yale, Dayton was a fraternity brother
of Bush at Delta Kappa Epsilon, where Bush was President.)

MT: Max Baucus (D)

ND: Kent Conrad (D)

ND: Byron Dorgan (D)

NE: Chuck Hagel (R)

NE: Ben Nelson (D)

NJ: Jon Corzine (D) (thedeanpeople - meet with staff on Dec. 27)

NJ: Frank Lautenberg (D) (thedeanpeople - requested meeting)

NM: Jeff Bingaman (D)

NV: Harry Reid (D)

NY: Hillary Clinton (D)

NY: Chuck Schumer (D)

OR: Ron Wyden (D) (Oregon Clean Vote - met with staff)

RI: Lincoln Chafee (R)

RI: Jack Reed (D)

SD: Tim Johnson (D)

VT: Jim Jeffords (I) (Vermonters for Voting Integrity - undecided)

(12/15/04: Jeffords' press secretary, Diane Derby, said Dec. 14 that she
could not speak directly to the request because the senator had not yet seen
the letter.

Jeffords supports creation of a paper trail for electronic voting, and
national standards for provisional ballots, Derby said. He is hopeful that
ongoing challenges to the 2004 election, including lawsuits, a recount in
Ohio and a study by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office "will
get to the heart of some of the concerns and questions," she added.

"He has been pretty consistent that reform and clarification of existing
law needs to be passed by Congress," Derby said. She refused to speculate on
whether he would agree to directly challenge the 2004 results.)

VT: Pat Leahy (D) (Vermonters for Voting Integrity - no)(12/15/04: A spokesman for Sen. Patrick Leahy said he would not challenge
the certification on Jan. 6. "That wouldn't change the results," said David
Carle, Leahy's spokesman in Washington, "it would only prompt a discussion."

"The Electoral College has met and the results have been officially
counted," Carle said. "Sen. Leahy believes we need to continue to push to
find the problems that prevented every vote from being counted and to learn
from those mistakes. He strongly supports the Government Accountability
Office's investigation into the problems in Ohio and other states that
clouded this election.")

WA: Maria Cantwell (D)

WA: Patty Murray (D)

WI: Russ Feingold (D)

WI: Herb Kohl (D)

WV: Robert Byrd (D)

WV: Jay Rockefeller (D)

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