December 03, 2004

Transportation offered from Southern California to Ohio, for the Recount!

Person driving from So Cal to Ohio offers a ride.

From Zack Smith,

I'm seeking someone to carpool with to the Ohio recount from San Diego, or I can pick you up elsewhere in SoCal.

Departure: Assuming the recount will start on the 13th, the departure is Wednesday the 8th. If earlier then we leave
earlier. 36 hour trip, 8 hours per day = 4.5 days.
Cost: $100. (distance to Cleveland is 2412 miles, I get 24 mpg, I'm hoping gas is only $2.10)
Housing: We/you can stay at youth hostels or hotels. I may just camp in the truck.
Environment: I don't smoke and I allergic to that.
Music: I will be trying to tune into Air America but music is fine.
Post-recount: After Ohio is over I'm not sure where I'll be heading, because there is also the New Mexico recount and I don't know where/when that will be. And there's Nevada. If you're up for more recounts then I'll take you.

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