December 17, 2004

Update on Gathering to Save our Democracy, Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday, December 19th.

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Subject: Let's Make the Second Gathering (12/19/04) a BIG Success -- Last Minute Thoughts

To everyone:

We have really picked up steam this week, after our first Gathering To Save Our Democracy was such a success. The positive local media coverage, coupled with postings on "Democratic Underground" and an article on the 'net (thanks, Anna Thompson), has brought us accolades and support from around the country (Minneapolis, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, Chicago, New York City) and the world (Great Britain, Australia). Here's the TN Independent Media Center posting:

It has also generated a great deal of conversation about the election theft among our Tennessee co-workers, neighbors and friends; and that's with only minimal press coverage so far. However, folks are so interested in what we are doing that we'll have people in the crowd this Sunday from Seattle and New Orleans (yes, you read that right!), wanting to join us in taking our country back.

The speakers we have lined up for this Sunday are an excellent cross-section, and we're still recruiting more. So far, we have representatives from the Democrats, Greens and Republicans united to speak against election theft, and we have invited the Libertarians and Constitutionalists to join us also. We have veterans, ministers, social scientists, young and old voters -- and we can make room for more spokespeople if any of you have ideas. (If so, let me know ASAP).

Our first Gathering was held under the radar, but this one will surely not be. But so far, things are going smoothly. I spoke to the State Capital officials early this week about our second Gathering and was told (this time) that it normally takes two weeks to get permission to use the State Capital for any gathering. But they called me back the next day and waived that requirement for us!!

We have notified the press again, and Alma Sanford and I taped a 30 minute radio program today that will be broadcast early Sunday morning on two stations that reach from Monteagle to Jackson, from Kentucky to Alabama. I expect those radio programs will increase our crowd significantly.

There is the possibility that some Brownshirts for Bush or his Young Nazis will show up this time. If so, the Capital Police should handle them for us. Besides, if they want to chant "Four More Years", I'm sure we'll be happy to respond "Life Without Parole"!

It will be cold, so dress warmly (i.e., look Ukrainian). Remember, the Ukrainians stayed in the streets in much colder conditions, continuously and in great numbers, to overcome their own election theft. We can sure do the same for a few hours. Besides, a few snowflakes will be a nice visual link to our friends and role models in Kiev.

Please get there early (around 1:30 pm) if you can, because there will be several "jobs" for willing volunteers. Thanks to the Greens, we will have a sound system powered by a generator (alright!). But those of you who also offered to help with sound, please bring your equipment and extension cords in case we need them.But we need other folks to hand out materials, carry around sign-up sheets, tie on orange ribbons, etc. And we need everyone to bring signs, banners, musical instruments, noisemakers, legal pads and pens, etc.  The main thing we need is 10 times as many warm bodies, loud mouths and unyielding patriotic hearts. You know who you are and you know who else we are. So keep recruiting like-minded folks to join us up until the rally begins. If people can join us from Bourbon Street and the Left Coast, they can sure come from all points Tennessee.

There are at least five things we still need to nail down, so if you can help with these, please call me (931/682-2864) or email me ASAP:

1) Singers or musicians who can sing at the beginning and in the middle of the program
2) Video cameras to film the event
3) Tape recorders to record the event (both large ones and dictation-sized ones)
4) Still cameras for more good pictures
5) At least two flip charts with blank paper (to record suggestions for action and reform)

OK, folks. That's enough for now. I'll bring jars of organic blackberry jam to award to the persons who got the most emails about this Gathering (small gifts to ya'll for being so well-networked). So please do everything possible to be there on Sunday at 2:00 pm. It's no exaggeration, folks -- the whole country (and the whole world) is watching Tennessee. Let's give 'em a good show!!; Bernie


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