December 11, 2004

Volunteers needed for precinct walk tomorrow (Saturday Dec. 11th) Columbus

This Saturday I want to gather 7-8 volunteers to walk the precinct
we've been canvasing all week by phone. I'd like for folks to meet me at
the Corner Stone deli on North High st near the corner of Longview
around 9:30 then by 10:00 if enough people are there we'll drive the
short distance to the precinct and canvas until about 2:00.
Our goal is to speak with between 124 and 248 people. If we have 4
pairs of people going door to door for 3 1/2 - 4 hours speaking with 10
- 12 households an hour (often there will be 2-3 registered voters in a
household) then that should give us the numbers we're looking for and
our sample size will be around 25% which is very respectable..
My goal is to be able to coallate the data in time for Monday's
congressional hearing and present it there and to get sopme of the
voters from our precinct to attend and to have them stand up and be

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