December 01, 2004

White Plains, NY Rally to Support Ohio!!! Friday December 3rd

FBI Vote Rally
Friday, Dec. 3 at noon

FBI office at 222 Bloomingdale Road in White Plains at the intersection of Mamaroneck Avenue.

Take a long lunch hour, bring the kids, bring grandma, grandpa and Aunt Agatha, change your plans, or do whatever else is necessary
to be there.

At this moment, there is a desperate need for publicity to support the
work of people in Ohio who are gathering impressive evidence of widespread
vote tampering and conspiracy to suppress the vote.

Evidence of vote tampering has been given to the FBI in Ohio, but it is not clear that the agency is doing anything. This rally Friday has the full support and encouragement of people in Ohio because they feel that it is only through publicity and public pressure that there will be a recount there and an investigation by the FBI.

It is essential that we get into the street at this time to show that we will not accept this election until there is a full investigation and recount.

If you have time, please make a sign, example, "Investigate Vote Fraud Now".

Do all possible to come on Friday. We really need numbers,
over a hundred if at all possible. We must defend our rights at this
moment. The opportunity to act on this will be very brief.

If you need more information, please call me at (914) 806-6179.


Nick Mottern

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