November 26, 2004

If you're going to be in Columbus, Ohio, on December 4th, this is your chance to get published -- in Crawford, Texas, no less!!!

Great News!!! The Lone Star Iconoclast -- the courageous Crawford, Texas, newspaper which endorsed John Kerry over George W. Bush -- is going to be covering the December 4th activities in Columbus, Ohio.

If you are going to be in Columbus, Ohio, on December 4th, this is your chance to get published! In Crawford, Texas, no less.

Anyone who is interested in providing photographs, general editorial material, or a personal account, of the December 4th activities should contact W. Leon Smith or Don Fisher of the Iconoclast immediately, at "". Be sure to provide your name and all contact information including telephone number(s).


My Epithet said...

I like what you're doing here. Keep it up! :-)

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make? There are only 40 readers of that newspaper in Crawford, Texas. Ask anyone a Sadie's cafe. this is where the real news for Crawford and parts of the Hill country to the west is centered. You can see what good it did to back John Kerry, LOL, ROFL. Losers united!!! Jessie Jackson belongs with Kerry--Jackson is the only guy in history to bankrupt a non profit chairitable organization!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous;
This is not a web site for morons who are willing to sit by while the right to vote is stolen away. Please go spew your nonsense elsewhere.