December 10, 2004

Constitutional Insurrection Saturday at the White House

For Immediate Release 12/10/04

Contact Stephen Gaskill 202-828-7838
Contact David Lytel 202 253 1330

ReDefeatBush Protests Fraudulent Election Saturday 12/11 at LaFayette Park
in Front of the White House

The Committee to ReDefeat the President, a federal political action
committee, is calling upon its members and other citizens to demonstrate
against the growing evidence that fraud and deception were used to secure
Bush's re-election. The demonstration, from noon to 2:00 PM in LaFayette
Park in front of the White House, will be the third organized by
ReDefeatBush in this location since election day.

In addition to ReDefeatBush founder David Lytel, who also addressed the
rally last weekend in front of the state capitol in Columbus, OH, other
speakers will include investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, election
lawyer Cynthia Butler, constitutional scholar Asa Briggs of the Douglas
Institute of Politics, former Florida Congressional candidate Jeff Fisher
and member of the Columbus OH Board of Education Rev. Bill Moss. The
speakers at previous events have included Libertarian Party Presidential
candidate Michael Badnarik, Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Pat
Lamarche and others.

"We were right when we said Bush was misleading the country about Iraq's
alleged weapons of mass destruction, when we said Bush was misleading the
country about an alleged operational relationship between Al Qaeda and
Saddam Hussein, when we said Bush was misleading the country about our
mission in Iraq being accomplished, when we said Bush was misleading the
country about the cost of the war in terms of lives lost, soldiers wounded,
dollars spent or national security enhanced, and we are right about this as
well," said ReDefeatBush founder David Lytel. "We must not sit by
patiently for the commercial news media to gradually work out the truth
several years from now when there is no effective remedy, but must launch a
constitutional insurrection to prevent Bush from taking office for a second
term," he added.

Since election day ReDefeatBush has stepped into the void created by the
abdication of the the Democratic National Committee, the Kerry campaign and
the others who have previously provided leadership to progressives
struggling against injustice. ReDefeatBush founder David Lytel published
an op-ed Baltimore Sun that is a concise presentation of why many believe
Bush did not legitimately win the presidency, testified before a hearing of
the Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee and was alone in
arguing for the implementation of the penalty for voter suppression
contained in the Constitution (a reduction in a state's representation in
Congress if the right to vote is "in any way abridged"), articipated
actively in the planning of the counterinaugural demonstrations coming up
on January 20th to ensure that much of it will be family-friendly,
travelled to Ohio to speak at the pro-democracy rally at the State Capital,
and met with key Congressional staff and the campaign managers of the
leading third party candidates for president, created to
promote the boycott of the corporate underwriters of Bush's illegitimate
tenure in office, printed 10,000 "Bush Cheated 04" buttons and bumper
stickers and put them on sale online and created a bold new identity for
ReDefeatBush and an exciting new mission that will be revealed at our
Counterinaugural Ball at the night of January 20th, which will provide
drinks and dinner for 5,000 guests for $30 each (if you're under 30) or $60
for everyone else. And at 10:00 that night we will broadcast a television
program both at our event and on the Internet with the highlights of what
happened in Washington that day at the many stages being used by the
Counter Inaugural Committee.

ReDefeatBush is headquartered online at Founded in October 2003, it raised and spent
about $350,000 prior to election day and organized thousands of volunteers
nationwide to register tens of thousands of new Democratic voters by
telephone in Pennsylvania and Oregon.

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