December 18, 2004

Demonstration today, Washington Square Park, New York City, 2:00 PM

Happy Holidays all, a reminder

Today at 2p.m. Now-NYC has a demonstration about Vote Fraud at Washington Square Park. 2:00 p.m. Washington Square Park, Manhattan. Plans for the occasion include speakers, singers, and poets. What to bring: signs. Sponsoring organization: NOW-NYC.

For protests around the country see

For actions you can take to help ohio recount, vote fraud investigations, contact the media, challenging the electors see

Hope to see you there. This is the rest of the demo info. Thanks, Cheryl

Volunteers are needed to serve as marshalls, distribute flyers, post posters, and phone bank, and organizers to contact unions and other organizations. Sponsoring organization: NOW-NYC. (Contact prez (at) or 212-627-9895).

Flyer can be obtained from NOW-NYC office, or downloaded from The office is open Mon, Wed, Fri--1:00-6:30 PM or later. Our organizing meetings are Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:30 PM.

December 18th Protest for Democracy

Hit the streets and take part in our grassroots protest to express our outrage over another stolen election. We demand that the perpetrators of Elections Fraud be prosecuted and punished. Where voter fraud that includes substantive disenfranchisement took place, we demand a new election. Women died to gain suffrage for us! We will honor their sacrifice by demanding that ALL votes of those who tried to vote are counted.
Those who say we must figure out what went wrong in order to prevent a reoccurrence don't get it! We tried that route and the fraud escalated. We will never have fair elections until We, The People take control of the Elections Process. We cannot allow any party to control the process, nor can we permit any individual to concede defeat until all the votes are counted!

We, the People must take control of the political processes if we are to have a democracy in this country. Bring your ideas, your energy and your anger and let's turn all of these into productive action. Help build the December 18th Protest.

Don't waste energy being depressed or just being angry. Get Active NOW and use your energy to take control of our city, our state and our country. Remember, WE ARE THE PEOPLE and we have the power unless we submit to disenfranchisement and election theft!

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