December 06, 2004

Important !!! Volunteer Opportunities in Ohio - Concrete Information!!!

1. For those who wish to be a recount observer for the Green Party:
Information: According to Colby of the GP, the recount will start anytime from December 13-16 and there is no way to know how long it will go on, i.e., "as long as it takes." It's about protecting the integrity of the vote, not about unseating Bush. People who want to do this who are accepted can work as a recount volunteer for any period of time they choose. Keep informed by going to, and go to the "Recount" link. For updates, go directly to:
To volunteer: To get on the list of possible volunteers, sign up at According to Colby, they are going to start with Ohio residents first, then contact out-of-staters if they still need help. You will be contacted if you are selected, given a designated county, etc. Hint: Don't spring for airfare or drive there if being a recount observer is the only thing you want to do and you haven't been contacted by the GP.

2. For everybody else who wants to help and are willing to do other jobs besides recount observing: There's an incredible amount of work to be done!
Information: CASE,, the citizens group that organized the Dec. 4 rally, are organizing future rallys (one next weekend) and are doing a lot of work gathering information about voting irregularities, is asking for help right away.
A couple of volunteers from northern California were contacted yesterday by CASE and are on their way to Dayton, Ohio, early this week.
Housing: Check the e-mail I sent out yesterday with e-mails of offerors in the Cc: line and a couple of phone numbers and locations of where people live who have offered housing through CASE. Or go to Sign up with the members of the group and ask for housing/transportation.


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