December 06, 2004

Picketing Starts Monday, December 6th, 11 a.m., Columbus, OH!!!!!!!!

Fellow Citizens,

In an effort to have free and fair elections we will picket Ken Blackwell's office (180 E. Broad Street) tomorrow on Monday, December 7 thru Friday, December 11 at 11am to 5pm. We are asking him to start the recount, recuse himself from the recount, appear at the Judiciary Hearing about fraud in Ohio,and to not certify electors until the recount is finished. Ken Blackwell has done everything to throw this election and is now running the clock on the recount. This is not about Kerry or Bush, this is about having fair elections that we can trust, where we are represented by people that actually won the election. As Jesse Jackson recently said, “you can’t have the owner of the team and the referee be the same person.” Ken Blackwell is the Co-chair of Relect Bush-Cheney and has refused to step down.

Bring signs, American flags, noisemaking pots and pans, tambourines, props, etc. warm clothes and a tent if you have one or can borrow one. We are prepared to picket and stay until we have a fair election. No more stolen elections!!! Bring your chants and songs. We will tent camp for freedom and fair elections. We are especially asking veterans to come in uniform if possible, because we feel you have an elevated status by having fought for freedom. Come by on your lunch hour or whenever you can make it and bring clothes and sleeping bags to donate. Mainly we need many people to show up ready to stop Ken Blackwell from stealing our election.

For our democracy for which so many have sacrificed and died,

Warren Linney


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