December 15, 2004

Lawyers for Kerry and National Voting Rights Institute Bring New Evidence of Triad Vote Machine Tampering Into Pending Recount Lawsuit

Lawyers for the National Voting Rights Institute and for John Kerry have introduced newly discovered evidence into the lawsuit pending in federal court concerning vote machine tampering by Triad Systems.

Evidence of the shocking conduct by Triad surfaced at Monday's Congressional hearing in Columbus.

Indeed it was noted in one of today's posts that the President of Triad injected himself into the Montgomery County recount.

The newly admitted evidence and expert witness affidavit stated that 41 of Ohio's 88 counties used Triad voting machines, that there was no reason for a Triad representative to be present or to do the things that were done, and that Triad's being permitted to engage in such conduct compromised the credibility and integrity of the recount.

A copy of the notice of newly discovered evidence is posted at

The affidavit of the expert witness is posted at

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