December 15, 2004

Urgent need for attorneys to help with Ohio Supreme Court Case contesting the election


1. If you are an attorney, you are being contacted to ask you to consider going to Ohio to help the attorneys who filed Moss, et al., v. Bush, et al. on Monday, December 13. Details below. Also, please forward this e-mail to other attorneys.

2. If you are not an attorney, please send this to any family members or acquaintances who are attorneys.

Background: As the 25 plaintiffs gathered to sign the Petition to Contest the Election, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told them that Columbus, Ohio is the "epicenter of the world" right now. Although the request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction preventing the casting of the electoral votes on Monday were turned down, preparation for the hearing at which evidence of "clear and convincing evidence of election fraud" is continuing. If the Supreme Court adjudicates this action well before January 6, 2006, the date Congress counts the electoral vote, the outcome could impact the Presidential election. Equally important is bringing to the public's attention to the numerous instances of voter disenfranchisement that occurred in Ohio. Along with the "Conyers hearings" (House Judiciary Committee) and the General Accountability Office investigation, the hearing in the Supreme Court in Moss v. Bush is an opportunity to do just that. Yesterday Ralph Nader praised the coalition who has brought this suit and urged them to continue their work. You can download the filed documents at: and

What is being asked of you: To give your country the ultimate gift of your time, energy, and skill helping the four attorneys who filed the case. Efforts are underway to get funds to reimburse you for your out-of-pocket expenses.

What is needed:
1. 10 litigators. You need to be licensed to practice in a state, but not in Ohio.
2. 20-30 attorneys to assist with depositions, document review, etc.
3. Possibly researchers working where they live and networked to the legal team in Ohio.

When: Now, or as soon as possible. Taking depositions is beginning immediately.

Work regimen:

1. Ideally, 40 hours a week until the end of the year. However, any effort will be appreciated, including showing up for a few days.

2. Caveat: The contestees could file a motion to dismiss or a summary judgment. If successful, you could get back there and not have anything to do. Of course, you could be back there resisting their efforts to get rid of this pesky lawsuit!

To sign on or find out more, e-mail or call me: Gail Jonas,, 707.433.6845 of 707.431.8451.
Although you are being asked to pay your expenses, I may be able to find you a family in the Columbus area to stay with.

Thank you,

Gail Jonas

Attorney and Mediator

(707) 433-6845

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