December 12, 2004

Monday, December 13th. Protest Rally to Support Ohio Election Contest. 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Salem, Oregon.

Monday, December 13th. Protest Rally. Salem, Oregon.

11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
On the capital steps, Salem, Oregon.

Restore One Person One Vote, Demand vote integrity in Ohio and Florida. Eliminate central tabulating computers. Support citizen-heroes organizing the vote recount and audit in Ohio. Restore vote to minority communities. Support the Alliance for Democracy's and C.A.S.E. Ohio's lawsuit contesting the Ohio election.

Please get the word out. Forward this widelly! Volunteers needed. For information contact
Carpools from Eugene, OR, area: 9:00 a.m., Lane Fairground Park & Ride
For further activism in Eugene, OR, area, attending out planning sessions, December 13th and December 20th.

In every state in the Union the U.S. Electoral College meets on Monday, December 13, 2004. We intend to be there and let them know our concerns about voting irregularities and fraud in the 2004 election.

Join other concerned citizens, activists, and members of our community in Salem at the:

Oregon State Capitol steps on
Monday, December 13, 2004
V.O.T.E. Salem Rally
Oregon State Capitol Steps

Please contact your friends and tell them about this event.

If you can volunteer or coordinate other volunteers, please come to the State Capitol steps at 10am and contact: Amy (especially if you've helped organize such events before)

Volunteer coordinators and Volunteers needed
* Pass-the-hat coordinator and roamers
* Traffic coordinator, march monitors and sidewalking networkers
* Photographers and Videographers
* Set-up and clean-up coordinator and support people
* Police liason
* National Lawyers Guild Attorney
Who else do we need?

If you have the following items and can bring them, please do and contact contact Amy ( to coordinate:
* Bullhorns
* Clean, dried milk cartons, painted black (10-20) , or some other 'black box
w/ a small but closable opening [For Collecting Donations]
* Sign making materials
* Sturdy, lightweight table(s)
* Orange Stuff: material for armbands, clothing or ??? (Here's an idea: Bi
Mart has plain orange knit hats for $1.99 with an additional 20% off -
making them $1.59. Yesterday, the Bi Mart at 18th & Chambers still had a
supply of them, and I am assuming that all of their stores carry them. They
are located in an aisle with outerwear and sweatshirts near the front of the

What else can we bring to get our message out at this historic time?

Rally Schedule: MCs Cat Jackson and Michael Carrigan
11am-noon Rally
Noon-1pm Witness Electors vote
1-2pm Rally

Speaking Schedule
Please confine your remarks or performances to 3-5 minutes
(I will have my proverbial vaudeville hook!)
11am -noon 1-2pm
11:00 Peter Chabarek and Carol Melia, Enemy Combatants
11:05 Mike Swaim, Former Salem Mayor.
11:10 Professor Roberta Hall, OSU, Election Protection Volunteer
11:15 Rick Klaastad, Chair, Platform & Resolutions Cmtte, Lane County
Democratic Party
11:20 Jim Edmunson, Chair Oregon Democratic Party, Oregon Elector
11:25 Senator Floyd Prozanski, Oregon State Senator
11:30 Peter Bergel, Oregon Peaceworks, Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show
Walt Lawry Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show
11:35 Andi Miller, Common Cause
11:40 Brian Setzler, Green Party
11:45 Nancy Matela, Alliance for Democracy
11:50 Dan Meek, Attorney
11:55 Marc Baber, Truth in, Eugene
Noon Peter Chabarek and Carol Melia, Enemy Combatant


1:00 Peter Chabarek and Carol Melia, Enemy Combatant
1:05 Lloyd Marbet, Campaign Finance Reform advocate
1:10 Sharon Scott, Salem election issue activist


2:00 END

Johnnie Gage, Oregon Action (invited)
Ramon Ramirez, PCUN (invited)
Jasmine, PCUN (invited)


Americans demand fair, honest and verifiable elections!!!

Wherever you are --> Wear Orange & Talk about these issues

* Restore one person, one vote. Eliminate the use of touch-screen voting
machines (DREs) without a verifiable paper trail as dictated by HAVA (Help
Americans to Vote Act)
* Ask for vote integrity in the Ohio, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina,
Colorado and New Hampshire 2004 Presidential Elections
* Eliminate the use of central tabulating computers to collect and calculate
the vote totals of optical scanners, DREs and punch cards because they are
vulnerable to hacking, manipulation and/or vote skimming
* Support those citizen-heroes organizing the vote recount and audit in Ohio
* Restore the vote to ethnic, minority communities and college communities
in Ohio who were disenfranchised in the 2004 Presidential Election
* Support the Alliance for Democracy¹s and C.A.S.E. Ohio¹s lawsuit
contesting the Ohio election

Please help get the word out. Thank you for everything you can do! in association with Voting Oregonians for Truthful Elections.

Carpooling from Eugene, OR, area: Meet for departure at 9:00 A.M. AT LANE FAIRGROUNDS Park & Ride

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