November 16, 2004

Immediate actions to take

 This just in from Cheryl Guttman:
There are some new upates and actions in terms of the recount and vote fraud investigation efforts.  Please at least do the first action ASAP because the provisional ballots are almost finished being counted.  At this point Blackwell--a partisan Republican-- will break all ties concerning the discarding of provisional ballots unless he recuses himself in  favor of someone non-partisan which is probably the only these votes will be counted fairly, and is what the candidates asking for the recount are demanding.  Although I have asked to contact Blackwell before I neglected to demand he recuse himself.  You can find all these actions at  Please forward.  Thanks, Cheryl
(1)URGENT: Contact Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell. Ask him to RECUSE himself from being the tie-breaker concerning the discarding of provisional ballots. Also, information on how to contact Ohio media and Governor.  See below and
(2)The Green and Libertarian parties have raised enough funds to do a recount of Ohio!
They still need volunteers and money to train them.
(3)You can help subpoena the black boxes that hold suspicious Bush votes in Florida. (Send sample letter to Senator who has this power--the action was on the Randi Rhodes show).
(4)Send pre-written emails to your congressional representatives to investigate voting fraud.
(5)You can donate money and/or volunteer to organizations that are helping to uncover hard evidence of voting fraud.
All these actions can be found here as well as below

1. Revised Action
Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell has backed down on the issue of discarding ballots if their birthdates are not on the covers! 
However,  Blackwell is still the tie breaker when the two Democrats and two Republicans disagree on whether the provisional ballots they are counting.
Blackwell is a partisan Republican who has made biased decisions that have resulted in voters being disenfranchised but he has backed down in the face of pressure before so please contact him today--it could effect Ohio official count and the fate of the presidency!   There is also  effort to have him recuse himself because Blackwell chaired the Ohio Bush campaign.
PLEASE CONTACT BLACKWELL NOW AND SAY SOMETHING LIKE: ," In order for their to be no doubt in people's minds that the election was counted in a fair way, it would be best if you, as Chair of the Bush Campaign in Ohio, recused yourself from being the tie breaker in disputes between Republic and Democratic counters of Provisional Ballots.  Someone non-partisan should take this role instead. 
If you do not recuse yourself I want you to know that I and the whole world will be watching the Ohio count and if it seems that people were disenfranchised because of your bias, the results of this election will not seem settled or fair which will cause distress in this country and the whole world.  As a result I implore you not to disenfranchise voters based on technicalities!"
BLACKWELL'S CONTACT INFO: J. Kenneth Blackwell 180 E. Broad St., 16th Floor Columbus, OH 43215
Phone:  (614) 466-2585 and ask to be transferred to where you can make comment on elections 
If you want to do more, you can also contact Ohio media
and the Ohio Governor at  to pressure Blackwell.

2.  Breaking Story and Actions
The Green and Libertarian parties have raised enough funds to do a recount of Ohio!  However, the campaign is still raising money for the next phase of the recount effort which will be recruiting, training and mobilizing volunteers to monitor the actual recount.
You can volunteer to do observe the Ohio recount
To contribute more funds to phase 2 of the recount effort go to the Cobb-LaMarche website is  
The Badnarik-Campagna contribution page is
You can also help pay for a Ohio recount by sending your tax deductible check paying into this special fund set up to:
Raising funds needed for a recount of the votes cast for President in Ohio
Expert investigation of how votes were tallied
Publicly reporting and acting to uphold the rule of law in Ohio and the United States.
There is another fund set up for recounts all around the country
You can also ask the DNC and Kerry Campaign to contribute to this effort (even if they do not request a recount themselves) since they have already raised funds in case they were going to do a recount previously.
DNC: Contact:   and Kerry Campaign   (phone) 202-712-3000,  202-712-3001 (fax)
3.  Email This Senator to Impound Voting Machine "Black Boxes"
(as heard on Randi Rhodes' radio program)
Randi Rhodes is calling for everyone to email F. James Sensenbrenner, the chairman of the house judiciary committee. He has the power to subpoena the black boxes that hold the votes in the counties in Florida that have all those suspicious votes for Bush and all used optical scanners. These can be read and verified by a human being. Glenda Hood is the only other person that can do this, and she is never gonna do it.
Copy of sample letter is below. She said we should be nice because we are asking for a favor. He is from Wisconsin and may be
fairly reasonable and rational even though he is a Republican.
Dear Chairman Sensenbrenner:
I am writing to request that as head of the judiciary committee you subpoena some black boxes that contain votes from the
47 Florida counties that have suspicious tallies.
One would be asked to believe that 100% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats, and 100% of Independents all voted for
President Bush, despite exit polls to the contrary. To further arouse suspicion, all these counties used the same optical scanner system.
Perhaps if you would subpoena and examine the votes in some of these counties, you could put to rest the doubts and
suspicions that many Americans harbor about the election. This would serve our country, our democracy, and help heal our great national divide.
[your name]
4. Contact Your Representatives to Investigate Fraud and Demand Voting Reform
 Email your representatives to ask the General Accounting Office to investigate e-voting machines
Email your representatives to ask for voting reform
Here is another petition, this one demanding a congressional investigation of the integrity of the voting process
5.  Help These Three Organizations Prove Fraud
There is anecdotal evidence of widespread fraud with the paperless voting machines. There are three groups working to uncover hard evidence who need your support.
Please support the work of,
with donations and/or volunteer work.  They need to raise $50,000 to file freedom of info act requests for as quickly as possible to pay for records and the fees some states charge for them.
Donate Time:  E-mail to join the Cleanup Crew. They need all types of work done, from grunt work, to lawyers and programmers.
There is an Ohio based organization that is coordinating with They need volunteers.
No specialized knowledge is necessary.  For more info:
Please also contribute to Votewatch
Wide discrepancies between traditionally accurate exit polls and voting results have raised serious questions about the accuracy of the vote. Votewatch needs $250,000 to do a professional statistical analysis of the election which can be used as hard evidence of fraud. They are a highly respected organization which has been conservative in its approach, using highly respected statisticians and developing trusted relationships with key media contacts. They are collecting and analyzing data to determine if there was fraud in the election as seems to be indicated by the 5% (or so) discrepancy between exit polls and reported results from the touch screen voting with no paper trail vs. the other types of voting where exit polls closely matched reported results.
If you decide to move forward with a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to Votewatch (ID# 94-3255070) and send it to:
 c/o: The San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Foundation
 Attn: David Barlow
 225 Bush Street
 Suite 500
 San Francisco, CA 94104
Smaller donations can be made online through the website 

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