November 19, 2004

Important Report from Ohio

Important Report from Ohio:

From: Amy Fay Kaplan []
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 12:51 PM
Subject: [ohio hearings] Update on the Ohio Hearings



We are sending gratitude and appreciation for your support and interest in the
Ohio public hearings on voting irregularities and voter suppression. The
hearings last Saturday and Monday were amazing- we are amassing hundreds of
sworn testimonies, notorized affidavits, and written statements that illuminate
the patterns of irregularities that occurred throughout Ohio. Public officials,
community leaders, and lawyers heard the testimony of the people and a court
reporter was there to put the testimony on the public record.

Stay tuned for updates: by this weekend we will have a formal report-back from
the hearings. We are grateful to all the individuals and organizations that
supported the hearings and helped make them happen, to all the people who gave
testimony, to all those who came to observe and witness, and to the panelists
who presided.

-Pacifica Radio recorded the Saturday hearings and produced special coverage of
"The Ohio Election Controversy Hearings". KPFA broadcast the special Wednesday
11/17, and it should be available archived online by Thursday:
-The most updated audio and video excerpts from the hearings are being posted on
this site for public access:
(Under the "Vote Suppression Hearings" heading, click on "Watch highlights...")
-To listen to the hearings, visit
-As testimony is transcribed and organized, we will be making a report
available, with a summary of findings and recommendations. This report will be
delivered to our public officials and made available to the public and media.

-"Ohio Voters Tell of Election Day Troubles at Hearing", Reginald Fields,
Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/14/2004

-"Activists Hold Hearings on Voting Rights in Ohio", Ariella Cohen, The New
Standard Online:

-"Looking for Voter Reform Groups Keep Eyes on Ohio", Henry Weinstein and Ralph
Vartabedian, LA Times, 11/13/2004

--Columbus Channel 10 TV (Scroll down to "Voters Recount Irregularities")

Also, we got coverage from WVKO Radio (broadcast hearings live in Columbus 11/13
and 11/15), Air America Radio ( Stephanie Miller's show and Laura Flanders'
Show), Columbus Alive ("3,249,157", by J Caleb Mozocco 11/10/2004), Columbus
Dispatch ("Panel hears more complaints about Election Day Problems", by Matthew
Marks 11/16/2004 AND "Angry Voters Air Complaints", by Suzanne Hoholik and Jeb
Phillips, 11/14/2004 and picked up by the Associated Press).

If you or someone you know still has testimony to give, please submit it in
writing to the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism. Please include
your full contact information (name, phone, address, email) and make your
testimony as direct and specific as possible with dates, names, times,
locations and statements of fact, rather than opinion or commentary. Send your
testimony either via email ( with WRITTEN TESTIMONY in the
title) or snail mail:
1240 Bryden Road
Columbus, OH 43205

Organizers around Ohio have been inspired to hold similar public hearings in
their communities. We urge you to support and attend these hearings:

Voting Irregularities Meeting
Thursday, Nov. 18, 6:30 PM
Corryville Public Library
2802 Vine Street, Cincinnati
The public is invited to testify on voting irregularities before and during the
election of 2004.
Contact Person: OHIO VOTE 2004 COMMITTEE, Juliet Stewart-513-531-9017

Friday, Nov. 19, 6-9 pm
AFL-CIO Union Hall, 3250 Euclid Ave
(PFAW Foundation, AFL-CIO, Greater Cleveland Voter Registration Project, African
American Women's Agenda, NAACP Voter Fund)


Thanks, everyone!
In peace,
Amy and Jonathan

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