November 16, 2004

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Dear Voters!

You are concerned. Twice as many of you are signed up with us as there were before the election, and lots of you have signed up to deliver Myth Breakers. Some of you new-signups have already delivered it!!

You see that the election was a massive mess — from registration fraud, to intimidation, to long lines and voter suppression, to machine malfunctions.

And you want to make a difference. Good for you!

We believe in the power of information, the power of truth, the power of facts. So, we encourage you all to get the accurate information out into the world.


1.) Donate to Help America Recount ( ) and/or spread the word to others, especially those with big bucks.

Manually recounting the ballots is quite likely to reveal computerized miscounts, which, in a presidential race, simply can’t be ignored. The facts would be obvious and undeniable.

2) Donate Directly to the Ohio recount ( )

They have raised the $113,000 fee. Now they need funds for witnesses, volunteers, housing and per diem, etc. to support the participation of thousands of volunteers, as well as funds for travel, communications, and other necessary expenses.

3) Support the Congressional Inquiry ( )

4) Tell your Congressmen to support it ( )


1) Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about what a mess the election was. Use information from our growing problem log, so you have your facts straight. ( )

2) Talk to your friends and neighbors about the problems. Form groups to put pressure on legislators to fix the system in your state. If you don’t know how to form a local group, contact one of the people who has already dug in and done it. Here’s a list of the local voting-integrity groups we know about. ( )

3) Download the election result totals from your state and check to see if they are internally consistent — for example, see if the precinct totals in each county add up to the county total. Look for other oddities.

- Report problems to your county and/or state officials.
- And report them to us.
- And to reporters.

~ the VotersUnite team
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