November 10, 2004

Recount in Ohio! Organize! Contribute!

Dear Friends,

I am writing today to ask you to join me in a noble cause. Last week, on
November 2nd, millions of Americans waited hours in line to exercise their
right to vote and have a voice in the future of our great country. Now the
votes of millions of Ohioans are in question. Reports are spreading across
our state of voting irregularities. Already, multiple cases have been
reported in precincts with e-voting. In these instances the total numbers of
votes cast exceeded the total number of individuals that voted. The kicker:
the extra votes are going to Bush. In Warren county, Board of Election
officials locked out the public and media to count the ballots in secrecy.

The only way to ensure that our vote counts is to demand an audit of the
election in Ohio. Recount Ohio was formed to bring together concerned
citizens from Ohio and across the country to build awareness and support for
an audit of Ohio's 2004 election. We are targeting counties in
Northeastern, Central, and Southwestern Ohio, where voting irregularities
have been reported. Additionally, Recount Ohio is working in conjunction
with allied groups such as Black Box Voting(
who are on the ground in the state conducting data analysis, as well as a
team of election lawyers.

We need your help and support. Here are three things you can do:

1. Contribute $10.00 ( or more to fund the
recount in a precinct with e-voting in Ohio

2. Sign the petition ( and tell Ohio Secretary of
State Kenneth Blackwell to recount the votes.

3. Forward this email to your friends and family.

I understand that many have rightly moved on and are engaged in an important
conversation about the future of elections in our country. I know it will
be difficult to pull these individuals back to their mindset on Nov 1st, but
this is a fight for my generation and the future of our country. Members of
my generation (under 30 set) turned out in overwhelming numbers in Ohio
representing 21% of the total vote. If members of my generation are willing
to risk their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq to promote freedom and democracy
abroad, then it is our obligation to defend it for them here at home.

The time is now. Activate your networks and please forward this email to
your friends and family. Take a stand and help us Recount Ohio.

Jason Fink and Michael Akavan
Co-Founders, Recount Ohio

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