November 20, 2004

Very Important!!! Lawsuit to be Filed!!!!

News Conference Advisory: 4 PM today 11/19, in front of the Ohio Supreme Court Building on Front St., Columbus, Ohio

Clifford Arnebeck, Bob Fitrakis and Susan Truitt who will be part of the legal team filing an election contest action in the Ohio Presidential election of 2004 will be hold a news conference at 4 PM this afternoon in front of the Ohio Supreme Court. Arnebeck, who is coordinating the Alliance for Democracy 'Ohio Honest Election Campaign,' will describe the action which will be brought on a nonpartisan basis for the purpose of determining who won the Ohio Presidential election and addressing irregularities in that regard. Scientifically designed nonpartisan exit polling showed a different result from the reported Ohio result provides one basis for the belief that proper verification of the election process can affect the outcome of the election.

This Ohio statutory, differs from the recount procedure, which is also being implemented on a nonpartisan basis. The actual filing will not be made today, but, when it is it will be filed with the Ohio Supreme Court in accordance with law.

The lawyers at the news conference have been personally involved in the Election Hearings recently held in Columbus and Cincinnati, documenting serious election irregularities.

Cliff Arnebeck
John Burik, MEd, PCC

Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

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