June 27, 2005

Free Press Slams DNC's "Report" on 2004 Election

In an important article in the Columbus Free Press, the Democratic Party's belated and misleading "report" on the 2004 election is critiqued:


June 20, 2005

Paul Harmon Files Brief in Ohio Supreme Court Outlining Licking County "Irregularities"

Narrowly defeated Independent Candidate for Domestic Relations Judge, Paul Harmon, has filed a brief in the Ohio Supreme Court, which describes some of the Licking County "Irregularities"


Election Assessment Hearing -- Houston, Texas -- Wednesday June 29, 2005


Evidentiary Hearing of Electoral Process Failures

WHO: Election stakeholder organizations composed of technical and professional experts, computer
engineers and experts, statisticians, researchers, attorneys and journalists who have been investigating and
analyzing problems with election processes in the November 2004 elections will gather from around the
country for a citizen-initiated Election Assessment Hearing to deliver preliminary testimony of their findings
to an independent panel.

WHAT: The goal of this non-partisan event is to bring to light critical election data not previously publicized,
but necessary to repair and safeguard our democratic election processes. The Hearing will address critical
issues not being covered by the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Electoral Reform, which will hold its
second and final hearing in Houston the following day. Intended as an initial survey offering a more accurate
and complete picture of issues observed in our electoral processes, the Election Assessment Hearing seeks to
understand the breadth and diversity of concerns, to identify the current quality of election processes, to
review and analyze the evidence and to facilitate the sustainable improvement of electoral processes by
election administrators, policymakers, advisors, voters and other participants in the production of vote counts.
An initial compilation of prepared statements with supporting documents will be released and distributed the
day of the hearing, and will be delivered to the Carter-Baker Commission the next day. In following weeks, a
group of information experts, spearheaded by information quality improvement specialist Larry P. English,
will survey the testimony and supporting documents, both presented and submitted to the hearing panel, and
provide an objective quality assessment that will be distributed to State election officials around the country.
Organizers are soliciting submissions from any and all expert sources with information relevant to problems
in the election and election systems.

WHY: No comprehensive survey and assessment of 2004 election process failings has yet been presented in a
public forum. The Election Assessment Hearing will be the first opportunity for the public to hear
preliminary findings in this area. Currently, every State is grappling with the Help America Vote Act
(HAVA) without the benefit of this vital information, and facing important decisions that may fundamentally
affect our election processes. The results of the Election Assessment Hearing, combined with submissions
from around the country, will be made available to state election officials to aid them in making more
effective and informed decisions.

WHERE: The Garden Center at Hermann Park

1500 Hermann Drive
Houston, Texas

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29th, 2005, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm


Issues Identified in Electoral Processes:

* Rev. Bill Moss, Plaintiff, Moss v. Bush

* Bob Fitrakis, Editor, Free Press

* Richard Hayes Phillips, Legal Statistician

* Richard Winger, Ballot Access Expert

* Kathy Dopp, US Count Votes

* Judy Alter, Election Investigator

* Sherole Eaton, Former Deputy Director, Hocking County, Ohio
Board of Elections

* David Griscom, Adjunct Professor, Materials Science and

* Juan Martinez, MASSVote

* Joyce McCloy, North Carolina Coalition for Verified Voting

* Bernard Windham, Florida League of Conservation Voters

* Clint Curtis, Computer Programmer

Impact of Digital Voting Systems on Electoral Processes:

* Bev Harris, Black Box Voting

* Stanley Klein, Reliability and Security Consultant

* Ted Selker, Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project

Causes for Electoral Process Issues and Recommended Solutions:

* David Cobb, Green Party Presidential Candidate

* Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

* Lynn Landes, Freelance Journalist

* Jo Anne Karasek, CASE Ohio, J-30

* Veronica Castro, Coalition for Election Integrity

* Heleni Thayre, Citizens for Voting Integrity

* Sharona Merel, National Ballot Integrity Project

* David Wager, Verifiable Votes Coalition of Houston

For further information: Contact Kip Humphrey at kiphumphrey@electionassessment.org
or check website