August 29, 2006

Historic Event -- Cleveland, Ohio, September 29th-30th, Cuyahoga Community College -- "We Count -- A Conference about Fair Elections & Democracy"

Important action memo from Victoria Lovegren:

"Election Integrity" is not a partisan issue.
"It is a civic issue of profound importance!" - Mark Crispin Miller

Without fair and honest elections, there is no functioning democracy!

Learn the truth about our electoral process and the many ways it subverts the will of the people. Yes, massively fraudulent elections CAN happen and ARE happening here in America, a terrifying fact that becomes increasingly obvious as the "leadership" departs ever more radically from the views of the electorate, as registered by every opinion poll, but somehow never by an election.

You can help us build a Democracy Movement that seeks to reclaim the democratic ideals fought for - died for - by our founding fathers and patriots, and in ongoing struggles for human rights.

Join the growing chorus of citizens questioning the legitimacy of our elections and so-called 'Democracy' in our country (see Plan to participate in:

"We Count - A Conference about Fair Elections and Democracy"

September 29-30, 2006
Friday (6pm - 10pm); Saturday (9am - 9pm, with breaks for lunch,dinner)

Cuyahoga Community College (Metro Campus).

Cleveland, Ohio

Learn from fabulous speakers (Mark Crispin Miller, Bev Harris, Bob Fitrakis and many more--see ) fighting against the implementation of privatized elections and electronic voting machines, investigating election anomalies, analyzing election data, bringing the truth about our elections to the public, developing "systems" to promote election integrity, writing articles and books, educating the public about the dangers of electronic voting, exposing the many types of voter disenfranchisement, and otherwise working for every American's right to vote and have that vote be counted.

Sponsors include:

Election Defense Alliance
Black Box Voting
The Free Press
Ohio Vigilance
Northeast Ohio Sierra Club
Northeast Ohio AFSC - Economic Justice and Empowerment Program
Ohio Democracy Project
J30 Coalition
Clamor Magazine
Progressive Democrats of America - Ohio
Cuyahoga County Green Party
and others.

We expect many other organizations to join us once we publicize the event!

Participate in workshops empowering "average citizens" to play an important role in the election process, especially in the quickly approaching November 2006 elections. Learn to "participate" in democracy! For more information on workshops, see

For more information, check out our website: Register today! Get your organization to co-sponsor the event. Volunteer to help with the conference. Donate funds to help us pay for our speakers' travel and other expenses. Tell your friends!

Don't miss this historic event in the belly of the beast! Join in the Democracy Movement !

August 07, 2006

PFAW Says Blackwell Is At it Again; Urges Support for Drive to Fight Voter Suppression in Ohio 2006

Important memo from People for the American Way (PFAW):

If you want to protect voting rights and share our outrage at the Ohio Secretary of State’s tactics, please show your support with a secure online contribution.

Make a contribution of $25, $50, or more to end voter suppression tactics in Ohio.
--Sharon J. Lettman

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell is at it again, making voting – and registering to vote – as difficult as possible for some Ohioans. But People For the American Way Foundation is undaunted, as we fight to put an end to unreasonable obstacles to voting and continue to register voters in disenfranchised communities, despite the enormous hurdles.

Help us save the 2006 election in Ohio before it’s too late. By making a secure online contribution today, you can help us give a voice to the same communities Secretary of State Blackwell’s policies hurt. Your donation will go toward our efforts both to end Blackwell’s restrictions and to register thousands of Ohio voters, even in the face of increased hardship and cost.

Click here to make a contribution of $25, $50, or more to end voter suppression tactics in Ohio.

In 2004, Sec. of State Blackwell’s early attempts at voter suppression were evident when he tried to require that voter registration forms only be counted if turned in on special paper that no one uses, after thousands of new voters had already been registered on normal paper. Public outrage and pressure – including from thousands of PFAW Foundation activists – forced that requirement to be withdrawn, but severe restrictions by Blackwell and others on the counting of provisional ballots and misallocation of election equipment disenfranchised thousands of mostly poor, African American and young voters on Election Day.

Now, in 2006, the Secretary of State is making it extremely difficult for pro-voter groups like People For the American Way Foundation to register citizens in those communities, by imposing burdensome restrictions that we’re fighting on every level – in court, at the grassroots and in coordination with local election officials. And as we fight to break down the barriers, we’re intent on defying the odds and registering tens of thousands of African American voters through our Victory Through Voting program in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati.

And it doesn’t stop at voter registration. Blackwell has also circulated a misleading description of Ohio’s voter identification requirements to county election officials, causing confusion that will ultimately result in eligible voters being turned away from the ballot box. In response, People For the American Way is pressuring the Secretary of State’s office to end the misinformation and educate county election officials about the actual voter ID requirements under Ohio law.

We only have a few short months to stop these attempts at disenfranchisement before they succeed. If you want to protect voting rights and share our outrage at these tactics, please show your support with a secure online contribution.

Click here to make a contribution of $25, $50, or more to end voter suppression tactics in Ohio.

You have the power to help give thousands of Ohioans a say in who governs them and the policies that affect them – a voice they might not otherwise have without your help. Thank you for your support.


Sharon J. Lettman
Vice President for External Affairs and Director of Election Protection 365
People For the American Way Foundation

August 01, 2006

Articles and Commentary on 2004 Election

Significant Articles and Commentary

This is a selective list of important articles and commentaries relating to the Ohio 2004 election which are available online, and it is by no means complete, so please feel free to call to my attention, or to remind me of, any additional articles which you feel merit inclusion, at

Voting Irregularities
Hitchens, Christopher. "Ohio's Odd Numbers" (
Keefer, Michael. "The Strange Death of American Democracy: Endgame in Ohio" (
Kennedy, Robert F., Jr. "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" Rolling Stone Magazine.
Koehler, Robert C. "The Silent Scream of Numbers" (Tribune Media Services)
Wang, Tova Andrea. "More Trials and Tribulations for Ohio"

Legal Remedies
Lytel, David. The Honest Elections Clause of the Constitution: How to Re-Establish Legitimacy of the American Electoral Process

Conyers, John. "What Happened Last Fall? Paul Krugman Does It Again. A call to Action -- Moving Forward to 2006" (Conyers Blog)
Smith, W. Leon, and Fisher, Don M. "Ohio-Ground Zero" (Editorial - Lone Star Iconoclast --
Loo, Dennis. "No Paper Trail Left Behind: The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election

Exit Polls and Statistical Anomalies
Tavris, Dale. "Electronic Vote Switching from Kerry to Bush - 9:1 swing state ratio"
Table accompanying Tavris report. Appendix to Tavris report.
Edison/Mitofsky. Self Evaluation 1/19/05
O'Dell, Bruce. Response to Tokaji Critique of USCV Edison/Mitofsky Exit Poll Discrepancies. 2/4/05
Tokaji, Dan. Mea Culpa Rejected. 1/31/05 (Critique of US Count Votes 2/1/05 Report)
US Count Votes. Response to Edison/Mitofsky Election System 2004 Report 2/1/05
US Count Votes. Analysis of Exit Poll Discrepancies in 2004 election. Report 4/11/05.