July 14, 2008

"Stealing America : Vote by Vote", Dorothy Fadiman film, premiers in New York August 1st

Well, being a New Yorker, I am honored that our fair city gets to host the historic opening of "Stealing America: Vote by Vote", the feature length documentary by award-winning filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman, which details the stealing of our country, including the Ohio 2004 election.

Be there.





Schedule for upcoming showings
(New York, California, Washington, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Texas)

Quad Cinema

Link to printable *pdf flyer

***How you can help:***

1. Come see the film at the Quad Cinema!
2. Spread the word to others that this is a 'must-see' film.
3. Sign up to table in the theatre lobby to hand out our election reform
information and, if you wish, material from your own organization. For
information on tabling, email: info@concentric.org
4. Rent a theatre to hold a private screening or benefit. For information on
scheduling a screening, email: stealingamerica@gmail.com
5. Purchase tickets for small groups at a reduced rate. For information on group
ticket sales, email: stealingamerica@gmail.com