September 28, 2014

Ohio has lost one of its greatest citizens; the world one of its greatest people, RIP Susan Truitt

On September 16, 2014, Susan Truitt passed away at the young age of 56, finally succumbing in her long struggle with breast cancer.

I have no words to say what a special person she was.

I knew her from her being the sparkplug who ignited the firestorm after the Ohio election fraud of 2004, culminating in the historic January 6, 2005, Joint Session of Congress.

Her passionate testimony in December, 2004, about irregularities and fraud in the Ohio election before the House Judiciary Committee Democrats, led by Congressman John Conyers, helped form the basis of the Conyers Report, which was the trigger for the Joint Session.

I participated and marched with her at the rallies on January 6, 2005, in Washington DC, and watched the Joint Session with her, on TV from Senator Barbara Boxer's office, Senator Boxer being the Senator whose solitary Senate vote forced the Joint Session to take place.

Without Susan, the movement would not have had the spirit and perseverance that it had.

Her courage, energy, devotion, warmth, spirit, and goodness are beyond my words to describe.

The world is a lesser place without her in it.

And she left it way too soon.

Here is a link to a December, 2004, congressional forum in Washington DC; Susan
is the young lady wearing the blue suit. She makes a statement at about 1 hr 15 minutes of the video.

Here is a link to the December 13, 2004, testimony of Susan before the Conyers Committee,
also at about 1 hr 15 minutes of the video:

Here are links to Susan's

-obituary in the Columbus Dispatch
-Facebook page
-Twitter page

November 07, 2012

"Score one (at last) for the Election Integrity movement!" ~ Mark Crispin Miller #Ohio

Score one (at last) for the Election Integrity movement!

By Mark Crispin Miller

Late last night, after Obama took Ohio, Karl Rove was on Fox News, doggedly refusing to concede. He insisted that Ohio was still in play, as Romney was going to win in Hamilton County—where the votes were “counted” on machines made and maintained by Hart InterCivic, a company effectively controlled by Romney’s family. (The same machines were also used in Williams County.)

So it’s not surprising that the GOP’s Lord Voldemort foresaw an “upset victory” in that county. It is surprising that he said it on Fox News, and when the game was obviously lost, so that a sudden Romney “victory” in Ohio would have seemed especially suspicious—even in the eyes of Rove’s old allies on Fox News (or those not in the loop).

To those of us with vivid memories of Election Nights 2000 and 2004, it was a creepy moment—and things got even creepier when Brad Friedman reported that the website of the Ohio SoS had suddenly gone down, which had also happened at that very hour eight years before; and when it had come back on, Kerry, who had been ahead, was now behind. And—horribly—the rest was history.....

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November 06, 2012

African American voters being disenfranchised again in Columbus #Ohio ~ @freepressorg

Nearly 1000 voters forced to vote provisional in a single Franklin county precinct
by Gerry Bello and Nicole Ware
November 6, 2012
A Democratic county poll worker has estimated that over the course of Election Day, one thousand registered voters will be forced to vote provisionally in a single predominantly African American precinct in Franklin County. Discrepancies between voter ID and information in the official database, possibly caused by the June changes to BMV registration software, may have disenfranchised up to three-fourths of the 35th ward's voters.

Complete article

Video of touchscreen machine switching votes from Obama to Romney in #Pennsylvania

Message from Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala: Fighting for the Right to Vote #ohio

As Americans by the tens of millions go to the polls tomorrow, will their votes be accurately counted?

Yesterday, Robert Fitrakis took action to protect the voting rights of 4.2 million Ohio voters, and by extension, of all voters. Fitrakis, a Green Party congressional candidate and professor of political science, filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop the last minute reprogramming of voting machines used by 80% of Ohio voters.

Voting_Rights_Rally.pngThat's right. In the final weeks of this election, Ohio Secretary of State Husted authorized the installation of a "software patch" that has never been publicly evaluated. This tampering with Ohio voting machines is a violation of federal law. And it is deeply troubling.

We are proud of the role Bob and other Greens are playing here. He and we are fighting for the right to vote, not just for votes. And that lawsuit will be heard in court first thing tomorrow morning.

Greens have done this before. After all, it was our 2004 presidential nominee, David Cobb, was the one who stood up for voters and filed for the presidential recount in Ohio, an essential step that led to the conviction of Ohio election officials and substantial improvements in election procedure.

We are watching Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and other states again. And we are acting.

We urge you to join us and many notables in signing the No More Stolen Elections! pledge of action. Sign it right now.

Our campaign strongly supports this voting rights struggle. On Friday, we rallied with Ohioans in front of their state capitol. And today, Jill appeared at the National Press Club in support of the Ohio lawsuit. The press is taking notice: already over 500 media organizations have reported on it.

We ask you to sign the No More Stolen Elections! pledge of action. And of course, it is essential that you not only vote tomorrow, but that you also:
Finally, tonight we are thinking about our many friends and family members throughout the Mid Atlantic states. We urge you to support the independent, democratic relief efforts organized via Occupy -

Thank you, and good luck to all of us tomorrow,
  ~ Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala

Please take an immediate step by making a donation:
Authorized and paid for by Jill Stein for President
PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217 

Jill Stein for President · United States
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November 05, 2012

"Ohio" ~ Wil b #ohio Get Up On The Bus

From the Freedom Winter Bus Ride

Washington, DC, January 6, 2005

Now threatened: 80% of Ohio votes

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Just minutes ago, Ohio voting rights advocate Bob Fitrakis filed a lawsuit in federal court demanding the removal of secret software recently installed on all ES&S, Inc. voting machines in at least 25 Ohio counties. 

This proprietary software allows vote tabulation numbers to be wirelessly sent to the Ohio Secretary of State's office. Four million Ohio voters - that is 80% - depend on these machines to accurately report their vote. Now, those votes will be initially reported via an easily intercepted wireless transmission.

Together with Free Press and other key advocates, we released the news about the lawsuit at a press conference just now at the National Press Club in D.C.. Fitrakis Skyped-in to the press conference and gave us the latest. He called on everyone, "concerned about our democracy to call the Ohio Secretary of State's office and demand the removal of this suspicious software."

Please do it right now. Call the Ohio Secretary of State's office at 1-877-767-6446

With the clock ticking, every hour brings new reports of serious voting rights violations. We can't wait. We need your financial support and personal pledge so that we are ready to respond.

  1. Sign the  Pledge of Action and forward it to everyone you know.
  2. Donate to our Rapid Response Fund.
  3. Organize a  Voter Assembly in your community for Nov 7th, the day after the election.
  4. Report election irregularities and voter suppression.
You can read some of the early coverage of the lawsuit by clicking here.

Yours for Democracy,

   ~ Sarah Manski
80% of Ohio votes in doubt
Call the Ohio Secretary of State:
Tell them to stop electronic tampering with this election!

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Please donate to our Rapid Response Fund.

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Urgent action notice ~ @freepressorg #ohio



Want to fight voter suppression and vote tampering on Election Day?
Here are some things anyone can do on Election Day:
Document any of these things and let the Free Press know during the day or immediately after the polls close:
1) Do all machines work at the beginning of the day? Were there any problems getting them to work?
2) Did any technicians come in to do any "service" on the machines during the day?
3) Are people being turned away from voting for any reason? Are many people made to vote provisionally for any reason? How many? What are the reasons?
4) Are there any people hanging around wearing suits, not identifying themselves, or challengers intimidating people, challenging their right to vote, or otherwise interfering with voters? Please take photos of them and their automobile license plates.
5) Lists of who voted are posted at 11am and 4pm at polling sites. Do those numbers match the print-out at the end of the night?
6) VERY IMPORTANT: At close of polls, the pollworkers are required to print out and post the results on the outside of the door for the public to view. Document through a photo and/or write down the final polling site results: how many people voted, who they voted for.

"Who Counts in Ohio?" ~ @freepressorg #ohio

Who Counts in Ohio?
by Bob Fitrakis
Investigative reporter Bob Fitrakis tells what he and the team have found about Romney's links to the electronic voting machine company that will be counting and tabulating votes in Hamilton County, a key swing county and swing state Ohio.

"Will your vote even get counted?" ~ @freepressorg #ohio

Will Your Vote Even Get Counted?
by Sheila Parks
In next week’s presidential elections women could, in effect, lose ownership of their bodies if the Romney-Ryan ticket, with its hard right stance wins. Even if Romney loses it will be a sad day for women in some quarters if candidates such as Akin and Mourdock, with their frightening, absurdist and fundamentalist leanings, are successful.