September 30, 2004

Chalk one up for the good guys

Well I was relieved by the debate. Kerry did a good job, and Bush totally flaked out. No thinking person can have watched this debate and concluded that Bush deserves reelection.

I was astonished by Bush's total collapse and inability to articulate anything other than slogans his handlers have fed him.

My only disappointment was Kerry's courtliness, but perhaps that's the best way to win over people.

This was a real good outing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ray, I found your blog through your cousin Dave's site. Two articulate blogs from one family...not bad! I was also pleased by the results last night. Going into this "debate"
I was very skeptical, considering all the restrictions but the look on W's face every time Kerry spoke was priceless. He wasn't "tired" as his handlers claimed, but it was a look of someone who extremely nervous. Ok, I'm very partisan, I'll admit that, but my middle of the road friends who call me a "bleeding heart liberal" agreed that the president looked totally out classed, and that made me pretty happy. Despite any bounce Kerry may get from the debates, this country is so stupid, that it just might not matter. It comes down to the "BBQ quotient"...who would it be more fun to hang out with and grill hotdogs with. Probably not JFK the 2d Matt Weber

raybeckerman said...

Thanks, Matt. Appreciate the kind words.

Maybe that 1/3 of the electorate that votes according to the BBQ principle will realize that Bush (a) is a totally scary dude with whom you would not want to go to a BBQ, and (b) he has no interest in going to a BBQ with you unless you're packing half a billion dollars or so.