October 07, 2005

"Was Kerry Cheated Out of Almost 100,000 Votes in Cleveland Alone?" - By Dale Tavris

Article appearing in Democratic Underground:

Was Kerry Cheated out of Almost 100,000 Votes in Cleveland Alone?

It was well known in the days prior to the 2004 Presidential election that a Bush victory was highly unlikely without Bush carrying both Ohio and Florida. As Election Day unfolded, spirits in the Kerry camp were running high, as it became evident that Ohio’s 20 electoral votes would determine the victor, and Kerry had a comfortable lead in the Ohio exit poll. Even CNN’s right wing hack, Robert Novak, acknowledged that it would be an uphill climb for Bush.

But as the results came in from Ohio, optimism in the Kerry camp began to fade, and by late evening their remaining hope was narrowed down to strongly Democratic Cuyahoga County, and especially Cleveland, where reports of large pre-election increases in new voter registration and exceptionally high voter turnout had circulated. But this remaining hope soon faded, as it became clear that the voter turnout from Cleveland was in fact miserably low, and by noon the next day John Kerry conceded the election.

It now appears plausible or likely, from a variety of accumulated evidence, that Kerry may have been cheated out of close to 100,000 votes in Cuyahoga County, or more. The evidence for this falls into three categories: 1) Deletion of votes from highly Democratic Cleveland precincts, perhaps through electronic manipulation of central tabulators; 2) Vote switching from Kerry to Bush, perhaps through ballot order rotation tricks; and, 3) Massive purges of voter registration. Let’s consider the evidence for each of these:

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