November 13, 2005

John Bonifaz, Voting Rights Hero, May Run for Secretary of State of Massachusetts

John Bonifaz, voting rights hero, has indicated that he may run for Secretary of State of Massachusetts. Here is his statement:

Welcome to the website of our campaign. I am preparing to run for Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2006. I will formally announce this candidacy if the current incumbent, Secretary William F. Galvin, decides to vacate the seat to run for governor. I hope you will join me in this campaign to make Massachusetts a model for free and fair elections for the nation.

As Secretary, I will press for a new bill of rights — a Voters' Bill of Rights. A new set of guarantees that will make our democracy in Massachusetts stronger and provide an example to the country. I will be a secretary of state who fights to uphold this nation's promise of political equality for all.

I will press for greater corporate accountability. If a corporation is principally based in Massachusetts, it ought to be accountable to the workers and people of our Commonwealth. The Secretary of the Commonwealth has important oversight responsibilities with respect to Massachusetts corporations, and, as Secretary, I will fight for your interests.

Further, this campaign will address another critical issue facing our Commonwealth: The war in Iraq. The question of how we go to war is a fundamental question of democracy. As a candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth, I will support the Massachusetts ballot initiative campaign aimed at bringing our Massachusetts National Guard troops home from Iraq. We must fight to end this illegal and unconstitutional war and bring our troops home now.

This will be a grassroots, outsider campaign. It will not be dominated by big money interests and wealthy contributors. It will be a campaign for all of us — for our hopes, our dreams, our vision for democracy.

I hope you will show your support today for this campaign during this crucial exploratory phase. Join me in this movement to make democracy real for all of us.

-John Bonifaz

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